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I posted a question in the Mug Rug Group asking whether I should make a “story” mug rug that would probably not be super practical…or a quilted one that would be. I could see my secret partner liking either. It seemed that the people who knew me who answered all said hands down that I should do a story rug. The newbies in the group wanted a practical one because they didn’t own one yet. LOL. I understand both sides.

Thankfully I feel like I got a good feel for what my partner would like and set off trying to pull together my overly ambitious design idea. I gathered a number of images and inspirations and managed to “draw” (really a combination of drawing and tracing) this image.

Mug rug

It’s a Tim Burtonesque, Blythe Doll, Alice in Wonderland scene… and I’m really nervous about trying to pull it off. But you know me. I’m always doing something harder than I’ve done before because I always want to grow in my skills and test my limits. This one is definitely going to push me…but I love Alice and Tim Burton and I think my partner will (hopefully!) love this too. I’ve never really attempted a face, although I suppose my Harold mini quilt had his face and I did alright. But I drew those on and I think I’ll do fabric for a good portion of the face details if not all.

It will be done with raw edge applique. I’m excited to start it! I think that it’s my first important deadline and with this crazy design, I need to get going right away! LOL.

I really hope that I do it justice in the end…but the drawing is always just a starting point. Working with fabric changes things. So we’ll see what this becomes!

9 thoughts on “Mug Rug Start”

  1. CAN'T WAIT to see progress on this one! Your mad skillz are amazing!

    p.s. I'm going to suggest that our guild does some swaps. I'm going to keep suggesting it until I am your partner. 🙂

  2. Great drawing! I think it's fantastic that you push yourself to try new things in your swaps. It's so much nicer to receive something that your partner obviously put a lot of effort into rather than something that was "good enough." Also, what better place to try something new than in a small project?

  3. Hello Angela! I first found you by Amy's Quilt Festival: Your quilt was unique! Now I was wondering again around in your lovely blog! You are very talented and you make beautiful works with wonderful fabrics! See you soon!
    Best wishes from Crete! Teje

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