Hexa go-go

It’s my turn on the blog hop for my darling friend Tacha’s new book, Hexa go-go!  And what a book it is!

For a chance to win a copy of the book keep reading!

In my world, Tacha is the queen of all things hexagon.  She was the first person to show me that hexagons can be modern and not old fashioned.  We were in a few bees together when we both joined the online quilting world and I was so tickled to have a friend from Germany.  I felt very cosmopolitan!

In a blatant copy even then of Tacha’s style, I made these blocks for a bee using epp.

Hexa go-go

Little did I know she would go on to write a book about this fabulous concept.  I just knew that I needed to try my hand at it.  Time consuming but absolutely worth it!

Just a glimpse at the back of one of those blocks I made.

Hexa go-go

Because I know Tacha a bit (as well as you can know someone you’ve never actually met and share an online hobby with!) I wanted to do an interview with her so you all can get to know her a bit better.  I hope you enjoy it.

A: What made you decide to write a book?  I know you have a super busy schedule with two girls and being a member of Fat Quarterly.  How did you find the time?!

T: Good question. I can’t really remember what made me finally put together some of my ideas into a formal book proposal. My youngest daughter was just beginning daycare and I finally had time to gather my thoughts for more than a few minutes at a time so I started to put together ideas and it soon became clear that I was obsessed with hexagons!  After a quick google I found that there weren’t many books on the market which combined hexagons with modern quilt designs so I thought why not write a book myself!

Time was a huge issue for me. I pretty much submitted the proposal to C&T at the same time as I was contacting the rest of the Fat Quarterly team to see if they wanted to work together somehow. Fat Quarterly had been up and running for only a couple of months or so before I heard that my proposal had been accepted. It was pretty full on and I had to plan my time to the minute to meet all my deadlines especially since all the projects in the book are EPP projects and therefore sewn by hand. The only way to make it work was if pretty much every waking moment I was stitching hexagons!  But that is the beauty of EPP – it is really so portable. I stitched during car trips, took the hexagons on family holidays, to the park and pretty much anywhere that I went. Everyone got used to the fact that when they saw me I was sewing and covered in threads. When I look back now I am not really sure how I managed it.

A: Be honest. How long did it take to make that fabulous Union Jack quilt? Because I want one and I’m not British! lol

T: The Union Jack quilt took shape pretty quickly as I just couldn’t wait to see how it would look once finished! It was also one of the first of the quilts that I made which meant my hands were still quite fresh so the stitching went more quickly. (I could definitely feel myself slowing down by the time I tackled the last few quilts!) I reckon it probably took about a month from start to finish.

A: What is your favorite project in the book? And yes, I realize that is like asking you to pick a favorite child

T: Totally impossible to answer that! I think at some point or other during the process they all ranked up there. But I have to admit for having a soft spot for the Over the Rainbow quilt but shh don’t tell the other quilts! The rainbow quilt reminds me of all the people in Bee Inspired who stitched up blocks and there are so many different scraps of fabrics in the quilt it is like a library record of my stash about a year ago!

A: What can we expect from you next?

T: I was trying to have a rest but little ideas keep bubbling to the surface so I do have a few secret projects on the go. Hopefully I’ll be able to let you know more about them soon. In the meantime it is business as usual at Fat Quarterly. We are busily preparing for our second retreat next year and of course for our next issue!

Thank you Tacha for sharing that with us!  and for more peeks at her book and hexagon goodness, keep following along on the blog hop.

193 thoughts on “Hexa go-go”

  1. Am I really the first entrant? That is spooky! I have just (yesterday) purchased some Kate Spain Cuzco in a layer cake and jelly roll for a custom order quilt. Also got 2 pieces of wool suiting from the op shop (thrift store) today!

  2. This books looks so great! Gee – it's been so long since I bought fabric (I inherited a lot from my grandma this year, about 60 yds) – I guess my last purchase was some polka dot FQs from Connecting Threads to use in a hexie project.

  3. Most recent purchase was some Moda Blitzen to take part in the Freespirit Christmas in July block-a-thon. And I am looking at placing an order, but do I really NEED more fabric!! I love the look of this book though! I feel I might need a copy of this 🙂

  4. Oohh that book looks like a whole lot of fun!
    I bought fabric 2 days ago – at a wee little shop in Valdez, Alaska … And it's beautiful from Anthology collection (never heard of it till then) I can't wait to go home and play with it now!

  5. The very most recent purchase is some Alexander Henry from a co-op. Just before that was a Japanese print for a charm swap. I still haven't tried my hand at hexies but really really want to so winning this book would be fabulous.

  6. just bought a grab bag box of 12lb of fabric from the fat quarter shop. i will see what is in the mystery box when i get home tonight! so excited!

  7. Just last night I went to a shop where Jo Morton was displaying her quilts. I bought some of her beautiful fabric. glad to see this book, i thought hexies were only for grandmother's garden quilts. So happy to see all those beautiful projects.

  8. Wow, what a cool looking book. Since getting pregnant, all sewing, quilting, fabric buying ambition has ceased. But I NEED to get my sister's wedding quilt finished by November. So my most recent fabric purchase for that has been some coordinating fabrics for it, probably in May. But don't worry, as soon as I find out if this is a boy or girl… I am sure my fabric buying mojo will be back 😉

  9. I haven't done it, yet, but the moment I get home, I'll be making a purchase of a bundle of Bella, some Kona cotton, and a laminate to recover my craft table. Of course the new cover on the table will require a repainting and rearranging of the studio. Darn! 😉

  10. I love hexagons. I have not bought fabric since the beginning of summer. I am attempting a new "one in one out" policy. I can only buy new fabric when I finish a quilt but alas this summer was so busy that I didn't get any quilts finish… but I started a whole bunch!

  11. My latest fabric "purchase" was one single free fat quarter from Spoonflower during their recent sale. It has milkweed pods on it, which is something I love as a personal symbol, and I'm hoping to be able to use it as part of a reverse appliqued central block in the quilt I'm currently EPPing for my bed.

  12. I seem to have way too much fabric right now (is that even possible?!) so I've been just trying to buy what I need to finish projects before making any big splurges on the new lines that are out… hopefully I get rid of my stash soon because I'm ready to make some purchases! 🙂 My latest buy was a yard of Pezzy which I used as the lining on my nephew's kindergarten tote.

  13. I just bought a fat quarter bundle a few days ago half price with another 20 percent off. I'd been wanting it and my coupon that I earned was about to expire.

  14. I bought a fat quarter bundle of Vintage Modern about a month ago. Two days ago, I bought some orange fabric to make my grands Halloween pillowcases. I will put borders of Halloween fabric on them that I won in a giveaway from It's So Kiki.

  15. Hexies intimidate me, so I would love to try them with her book. On Monday I bought 3/4 yd of a minty green herringbone at my LQS. I think it might be Riley Blake? It's going to be a ruffle on the bottom of a dress I'm making for my daughter. I also bought a big 36×24 Olfa cutting mat. I've been wanting a bigger one for a while, and couldn't believe they were only charging $37!

  16. I went fat quarter crazy at a .99 cent sale.. with a 20% off my entire purchase coupon.. oooh I went crazy. I was going for brights! And I was very happy with my entire purchase. I had something specific in mind for my purchase. And then when I got the pattern, I saw how teensy the pieces in the pattern were, and promptly changed my mind on doing that! Now I have to find me a new pattern to do.. hmmmm the search is on!

  17. Wow – these quilts are so cool! My most recent purchase was 2 days ago — assorted kona solids to coordinate with some prints in a triangle quilt I want to make for myself. Last week I bought a layer cake of Dear Mr. Claus to make a holiday quilt for my husband… it's been kind of a fabric splurging couple of weeks!

  18. Thanks for sharing the interview with us. I am so blissfully ignorant when it comes to hexies! Maybe it's time to try them for my winter tv viewing. I just made a rather large purchase of Bella! Thanks for the chance to win.

  19. The last fabric purchase I made was about 1 month ago and I bought a fat eighth pack of vintage modern. I'm about to buy backing fabric for the quilt I'm working on, though.

  20. Hmmm, my last fabric purchase was 5 different Kona Solids in Red-1/2 yd. cuts -about a week ago. And still I look online almost daily…what is my deal?!

  21. My most recent fabric purchases are from a couple of weeks ago, although I have a coupon from the FQS that I need to use in the next little bit. What did I buy you ask. I honestly can't remember. I haven't received anything yet. Mail to Canada takes forever!

  22. My last fabric purchase was last week. I bought a pretty black fabric with grey swirls on it. I made my friend, who is a new mommy, a cover for her boppy. She loved it.

  23. Eek-it was just yesterday! I purchased a couple of half yards of Laminates that were on sale for pouches and of course I threw in a couple of other half yards on sale to take advantage of the flat rate shipping

  24. I bought fabric last week at the AQS Grand Rapids show. I just bought a pack with some smallish pieces of blue-grey fabrics that all go nicely together. I might use them for some pot holders, or some cards or something.

  25. I absolutely love hexagons and EPP, and I just love the 2 quilts you show in the post. My last fabric purchase was a bunch of fat quarters for a quilt made from the Swoon pattern. I fell in love with the pattern and although I never buy quilt patterns (I usually either make up my own designs using traditional blocks or lately use online quilt alongs) I bought the Swoon pattern. Then the other night I was sitting down in my son's room and happened to notice the quilt my SIL made for us years ago. I haven't campared it side by side but it looks for all the world just like the pattern, just all in white with pink and green background/sashing. I've always loved that quilt! Today I hope to get to the quilt shop and buy some gray for the background of Swoon.

  26. I have recently bought some purples since my sister wanted a purple and gold (school colors) quilt and my stash is lacking in purples. I also recently found a great deal on prints from the Echo line and bought a stack of those.

  27. I just got back from a trip to a fabric store that was having a half off sale. I got fabric for our quilt guild's mystery quilt project plus some white to use for charity quilt projects. Great way to start a holiday weekend. This afternoon I'm off to another store for some red to finish a quilt for my daughter. Never run out of fabric or things to make with them!!

  28. my most recent was last night! I fell off the wagon and got a fq bundle of birds and the bees AND indie.. I restrained myself at bella though, small victories 🙂

  29. Well I would have to say it was cute monkey faces with green and yellow pokadots for a backing for a wall hanging. But last night My friend gave me my half of out fabric subscription. The color this month was Navy. There were some really cool prints in the bundle.

  30. I just bought a fq bundle of Gypsy Girl three days ago. It's for a quilt for my daughter and we can't agree on a pattern just yet. Maybe she'd go for something with hexies!

  31. I went shopping yesterday!! I bought a few meters of some polka dots that I will use for bindings for baby quilts, some flannel for the back of a baby quilt, some black for the binding of a lap quilt for my husband and a new Stonehenge fabric with red maple leaves on it to add to my stash, (I am from Ottawa Canada…). I hadn't been to my LQS in a while… it felt really good!!

  32. My most recent purchase was a few prints of Tula Pink's The Birds and The Bees. I'm going to have to go back soon and purchase the rest of the line!

  33. 2 weeks ago bought Bungle Jungle Jelly Roll for my friend who now serves in Afghanistan. I hope she will finish little quilt for her boys. Thank you for the opportunity! I love your blog!!!

  34. Ohh thanks for the opportunity. I just cant get my hexies to be a consistent size!

    My last fabric purchase was a bolt of Kona red about a month ago.

  35. My latest fabric purchase was over two months ago: eight fat quarters of soft cuddly flanels, to make a welsh inspred quilt for a dear old lady in a nursing home. It was a very good excuse to go out and buy new stuff, as I have been using mostly from my stast for the last three quilts I made.
    Lotte van der Linden

  36. Just last night I ordered some fabrics from an Etsy shop.."children at play". "a windy day" to name a few. I am really liking my Zakka style sewing book that my daughter gave me and I have been working on some projects from there.

  37. Lets see, my most recent fabric purchase was some basics – a nice black & white, large scale white on red, and a cute pumpkin print that I couldn't pass up. I'm trying to use the stash, but sometimes you need a little something to freshen it up, right? Loved the interview & thanks for the chance to win a copy of Hexagogo!

  38. I purchased about 12-15 yards of fabric at the thrift stores yesterday. Woohoo! One piece was over 5 yards, and only cost $1.21. Some of this fabric will be used to make preemie quilts for the local hospital. Some will be used for Quilts of Valor quilts. Some will just go in my stash for future use, or shared with quilting friends. All is good, quality quilting cottons from name brand manufactures.

  39. I just got a package in the mail an hour ago! I've been working on a Grandmother's Garden Quilt and recently decided to use low-volume text prints as the garden path (I uploaded a picture to flickr today with an initial mock up user:Caryn211). I ordered a bundle of text fabrics from Sew Me a Song to add into the mix. I also bought Japanese prints for a charm swap and several extra FQ's that fell into my cart.

    I primarily hand sew, so I've been drooling over this book for awhile now. Thanks or the chance.

  40. Erin and Daniel Palmer

    My most recent fabric purchase was probably for months ago and it was some cream fabric with blue flowers to make my daughter a skirt, which is still on my list of things to do. eatkin85@ yahoo.com

  41. I haven't bought anything in a while -been trying to do scrappy stashy projects, but I did pick up some white on white on sale a few months ago.

  42. i ordered [five days ago] and am waiting for arrival [tomorrow!] yard and a half pieces of kona solids in coal, medium grey, iron, steel, pepper and ash with a 20% coupon! the day before, i sent for hexie paper pieces in five sizes … i am that excited over the epp project i'm doing now! surely, one of the patterns in this book could be worked in shades of grey! would love to win a copy and give it a try.

  43. A few weeks ago I made the mistake of taking my husband with me to pick out some fabric for a quilt for his friend's new baby. He ended up not caring about the fabric, but he was able to see the true cost of quilting which he was not happy about. 🙂

  44. I just bought some DS Quilts at JoAnn's a couple weeks ago. And some Kona Ivory yesterday. Thanks for the chance to win this book – your bee blocks are lovely!

  45. Just last week I received a nice supply of aqua prints, and a sale-priced print for a backing from Hawthorne Threads. Nice stuff! Receiving fabric in the mail is THE BEST! (Thanks heaps for the Heather Mulder Peterson prints I won through your blog from Sprightly Fabrics!)

  46. I literally just got home from purchasing fabric! JoAnn's is Labor Day sale began today and I figure it was as good a day as any to fill up my stash! Lots of fat quarter bundles and even some corduroy to make a messenger bag for my sweetie. =)

  47. I was at my parents' house in North Carolina a few weeks ago and visited Mary Jo's for the first time. I bought a few half-yard cuts from their modern section (wish it were bigger), but I bought a ton from their scrap bin – I really love my scraps. And guess what I used them for… HEXAGONS!!

  48. Lol! I already told you I spurted today 🙂 Bought some minky, Essex linen, fiddlesticks by Erin McMorris to make myself a dress and some ghastlies to finish up that quilt in time for Halloween. Of course this adds to the pile of AMH voile and Field study I bought earlier in the week, and Nursery Versery…yup, a good week!

  49. As of right this second the last fabric that I purchased was a few from random lines at the local quilt shop. Moda and Kona mostly, you know the basics. However tomorrow I will be traveling out of state and hope to stop at some shops along the way.

    Thank you for the opportunity for the book!

    I have just recently begun to play with Hexagons so it would be great to have some inspiration.

  50. The last fabric purchase I made was several yards of Pure Organics in steel to back and bind a wedding quilt I'm making for my brother and his fiancée. Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome prize!

  51. I bought some polka dot fabrics yesterday for a polka dot exchange I have coming up. I also bought some striped fabric for a patriotic quilt I need to put together.

  52. HA! I resisted placing an order from one quilt shop today because I have a gift certificate for another and I'm hoping they have a labor day sale, so it's been a whole week since I made an order (uh three orders same day…cough) and there was some heather ross, amy butler, madrona road, AMH, flea market fancy, and er, lots more.
    It is not my fault so many great lines just came out! Thank you for the giveaway, I am just about to cut some fabric to do my first paper pieced hexies finally!

  53. the book looks great… I must admit.
    I bought some stuff at fabric.com yesterday… some prints to make Scarlet a Strawberry Shortcake costume (I decided it will be her birthday and Halloween outfit), some Cotton Couture (of course I needed more), and a few other prints. I wanted to get some Bella, but it wasn't there yet…

  54. A few weeks ago some fabric from Hancocks with a friend, not all of it's arrived yet; still waiting on a charm pack of Vintage Modern and then I'll go pick it all up from her. Am seriously considering putting an order in with Fatquarter Shop soon though; need some more Art Gallery fabric.

  55. My most recent purchase was some fabrics for two baby quilts as a friend is having twins 🙂 Picked up some green, orange and white with plans to buy blue or pink as appropriate when they're born. Moda's Meadow Friends dragonflies will be the patterned fabric, the rest is solid's cos I'm on a budget!

  56. I just received my Marmalade charm squares to make a liitle pinwheel quilt from the Simplify shop . As well as a layer cake of Trade Winds that was on sale . Sew Stitchy charm pack to have a little play with as well as the Chicopee fat quarters to make up that awesome Cog and Wheel quilt pattern .

  57. My last purchase fabric was about 1 year ago, it was plain black for a BOM written by Esther Aliu – "Heart's Desire". Thank you for the chance to win this book, it looks so interesting. I haven't done any EPP yet, but I know that I will.

  58. Well my most recent fabric purchase was a bunch of felt (does that count?) for 2 quiet books that I have 48 days to make for my kids! Along with a bunch of buckles, snaps, buttons and ribbons. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  59. Love the interview Angela! I have met Tacha and I can confirm she is totally lovely. I think she is quietly the queen of organisation too! I bought fabric this morning, 4 metres of Liberty lawn at a flea market- that was before 9.00 am!

  60. My most recent fabric purchase is half yards of the lovely Bella by Lotta Jansdotter – her earlier range, Echo is my all time fave & Bella is just as lovely. Thanks for the chance to win.

  61. I worked Thursday for my local quilt shop and I hate to put bolts with less than a yard back on the shelf so I came home with 6 pieces of fabric all about a yard. Then she had some of the Cacoon fabric so I bought a little of that too. I never make any money when I work. There is just way too much cool fabric I think I need to own.

  62. Oh wow. That gorgeous quilt only took a month? I will admit, Hexies intimidate me abit. I quess being new, all I see is the short stitch lines. Hmm will have to try to get my feet wet. I would love to be for a chance to win. Thanks.
    The last fabric I bought was a month ago. It was for a skirt for my great neice.

  63. Last fabric I bought was to make a baby quilt….got fleece for front & soft flannel for backing! (Could shop every day….but I'd be in trouble with my Sweetie! LOL)

    Thanks for chance to win this book!! I want to make Hexie's!! Have been a chicken for toooo long! lol

  64. Two days ago I purchased Benartex's Wordplay to go with Melody Miller's typewriter print. I was going to make a bag, but they sure would look cute in hexagons. Hope to win the book!

  65. My most recent fabric purchase was about a month ago. I am collecting fabric to make a baby quilt for my niece. It was just a Kona solid in bright red. I got it at JoAnn Fabrics using a coupon.

  66. I just bought some fabric from Laurie Wisbrun, about 10 minutes ago. I've never done proper hexagons so I'd love the book.

  67. Nancy: rangerer@sbcglobal.net

    I went down to Arthur, IL where there is an Amish community. Many of the families have started cottage industries, and I love to go to a dry goods store to check out their fabrics. I also went to a fabric store in town where the employees are Amish last Tuesday. I bought some flowered fabric at both places to put on the shelf for a quilt that is in the planning stage.

  68. I LOVE those hexie blocks you made! THis book has been on my wishlist!!!! My most recent purchase, yesterday, was some Denyse Schmidt fabrics that were on clearance! I was able to get them half off the clearance price! So I got 4 yards of DS for $12!!!!!

  69. After being in storage for five years, my entire sewing/quilting room was unpacked this Spring. Man, was it great to have it back again!

    Yes, I had OODLES of fabric packed away. I haven't bought anything new since 2006. I guess you'd say that I'm working on my stash, huh?

    Love those hexies…thanks for the giveaway.

  70. this book looks awesome; would love to win it! my most recent purchase was in Skagway, Alaska at port while on a princess cruise Thu Aug 23 – DH fell in love with a quilt and they had a kit to make the top. it's called Earth Spirits of the North by Lisa Moore. In case you would like to see here is the link (photo does NOT do the quilt justice btw) I plan to start cutting fabric this weekend to start. http://quiltswithatwist.com/store/details.php?prodId=380&category=15&secondary=&keywords=

  71. I love hexies and need to have that book! My latest fabric purchase was on Etsy this past week for some Beauty is You hard to find fabric…can't wait to get it 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway and looking forward to see what she comes up with next!

  72. I just bought some Orange Crush fabrics and Kona solids from fatquartershop.com a few days ago. According to UPS, it was last scanned in Indiana. Hopefully I'll get the package on Tuesday!

  73. Two days ago, I joined a fat quarter club at A Joyful Soul Fabrics. A selection of Birds and Berries by Lauren + Jessi Jung for Moda. The package shipped today and I can't wait to get my hands on it. Thanks for introducing us to this title and the giveaway!

  74. Oh I just purchased and received in the mail a couple of days ago the cutest collection of Pieces of Hope fabric. It is the cutest fabric I have seen in a while. I have no idea what I am going to make with it, I just had to have it!

    Thank you

    sandyb720 at gmail dot com

  75. I just went to a LQS in Stockton CA and lo and behold, they had more yardage of a Moda pink with yellow sunflowers batik fabric that I had purchased more than a year ago. I bought more and also pieces of pink and yellow compatible batik. I am not a huge batik fan but this fabric group was so cool!

  76. It was about two months ago, I bought a couple of fat quarters from one of the vendors at a local quilting retreat. Don't ask me to remember what they were, as they were just added to the many piles in my sewing room! Thanks for counting me in, Angela!

  77. Hmmm the most recent I guess would of had to be yesterday!! lol I got a purple piece with cute little butterflies on it from one of my favorite little quilts shop' were I live!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  78. Four days ago, I placed an order for a fat quarter bundle of Goodnight Bunny to go with the Goodnight Moon fabric I already have…and hopefully it will become a quilt top before Christmas.

  79. I have been lazy this past month and haven't sewn.
    my fabric diet enforces no fabric purchases without on going sewing
    so it has been a little more than a month since I purchased fabric.

    but, I plan to sew today!

  80. I was just in the shop two days ago buying fabric for a project to complete. Trying to get my holidays gifts done early this year. I say that, but crossing my fingers.
    Judith, Texas

  81. I bought some Riley Blake Dresses the other day. I'm waiting in anticipation for the package to arrive! I might just hang the fabric on my wall and stare at it for awhile until I figure out the perfect project. Thanks!

  82. My most recent purchase was some baby fabric at Joann's to make baby blankets for a friend having triplets! I'm ogling all the new lines but fabric spending is mostly on hiatus right now. 🙁

  83. Iche liebe auch Deutschland!! this year I have put myself on a bring down the stash to a more managable mess kick…so I have only purchased what I MUST have to finish a project. So, my last purchase was a simple black flannel that I used as a backing for a quilt. stash busting is going great and this book would be a huge help in that direction! 🙂

  84. I'm slightly mortified to admit I just did quite a big fabric shop, but Bella, Cameo, Indie and Madrona Road may or may not be coming my way… Thanks for the chance to win :o)

  85. Made a quick run into JoAnns in July in Portland to get more black Kona cotton to make the shams to match the black and batik bento box wedding quilt that I handed over that day. Also bought some drapery pleater tape to make curtains and valances. No one sells it here in my little town. Need to place an order for a Laurel Burch stripe that is my favorite fabric before it's all gone for good.

  86. The last fabric I bought was 2 weeks ago when I found some International Tractor Fabric to make some pillow cases for my nephew. Thanks for a chance to win this great looking book! 🙂

  87. My last fabric purchase was for some fleece as a secondary curtain for my daughter's room. I bought it to help keep in heat in the winter and block light during these longer summer days. Sadly, I haven't finished the curtains yet.

  88. Two days ago I went to Bombay to drop my daughter and grand daughter off at the airport and instead of coming straight back to Poona, I went fabric shopping. I got the most beautiful shaded silks , something like Oakshott , with tiny woven squares. I bought it to make scarves but now it'll be hexagons !!

  89. Just this morning, oupps, don't tell :). I just had to have some blenders/basics, especially since I could use a 20% Off coupon :). Thank you for the chance to win!

  90. I can't remember the most recent purchase I made. Sad but true. I have been trying really hard to reduce my stash. I did just recently purchase batting, though, and I remember that happened less than a month ago. 🙂

  91. My most recent purchase was yesterday and I got 1.5 yards of poly faux suede. I am making my dad a quilt for Christmas out of flannel charm squares and want to use the faux suede to make the solid color half square triangles to go with the flannel half square triangles. I can't wait to start it!


  92. Well I hope my husband will not read this comment here! I just bought 6 fat quarters today to make placemats for our new house! But most of the time I don't need a specific project to buy fabric!

  93. I'm trying to avoid fabric shopping and use stash as much as possible right now, but I am planning to make a purchase when I'm done here – I want to try out some moda cross weave 🙂

  94. I'm kind of like Tasha as far as always having hexie's with me. If I am sitting, I am stitching. They are incredibly addicting and that Over the Rainbow quilt is on my list. From the looks of it, I'll be making multiple projects from her book! Thank you for the opportunity to chime in on this wonderful giveaway! If I never bought another piece of fabric, I could probably still sew forever with my stash, but where's the fun in that? It's been about a week since I last purchased any fabric. I had to hunt down a particular ocean blue print for some backing. But tomorrow I am headed into town and some fall prints will be coming home with me!

  95. My last fabric purchase (July 7th) was from Nancy's Notions, Bird Walk Fat Quarter pack. I can't help being drawn to modern bird fabrics! Not sure if I will fussy cut a baby quilt or make something else. Thanks for the chance to win. I favor Tasha's over the rainbow quilt as well. Paper piecing can be a challenge for me…I admire Tasha's handiwork!

  96. The quilts in that book look fantastic. I have really wanted to learn how to do the hexies! My last fabric purchase was on ebay friday night. I got an Amelia charm pack I had been looking for since my daughter took mine 🙂

  97. I got two Summersville charm packs a couple of weeks ago from ChristaQuiilts.com. I want to make a simple patchwork quilt using the charms and some coordinating solids.

  98. So excited! Bought 4 FQ's on line from Cupcake Cottons in the UK and they came in a darling patterned wire basket.
    Oh dear…. don't want to take them out to use them Soooo lovely!.
    Love the book, fabulous ideas and so fresh and original. Good luck!

  99. I just bought the other day! I needed some more Kona for the backing of a baby quilt I am working on! And then I always get a little something for my stash! I don't even remember what it was now! Oh boy I think I am buying too much lately! Ha ha… NEVER!

  100. yay, I bought a bunch of Kona solid blues and light blues. I am going to make a table runner to represent my friend and I swimming everyday for exercise (we live in Florida). I will make it for her for Christmas. Not quite sure how yet, but taking a page from the seaglass bottle pillow I saw on a blog. 🙂

  101. Recently, I got some Stoffe fabrics (not very big choice here in Europe) mostly in green for my first quilt (top is done now and waiting to be put together). But my last purchase was on Monday (at Grande Braderie) just two pieces of unknown origin (suspecting upholstery) perfect for notebooks covers I'm planning to do for my friends.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

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