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So I’m pretty new to the “mom of a kid in school” thing.  My 3 year old has been in a preschool a few afternoons a week and it’s all fairly laid back.  So I haven’t really gotten into the mindset of teachers and school performances and picnics etc.  I have a lot of years for that right?

Anyway, I was caught off guard when I caught sight of another mom handing over some gifts for the teachers earlier in the week.  What?!  Gifts?!  Doh.  I made them gifts for Christmas.  I just wasn’t thinking about it for some reason (I’ve bought a bunch of graduation gifts lately too…but alas no teacher gifts).  So what is a crafty girl to do but whip something up at the VERY last minute.

Pretty Pouches
I know you  don’t “have” to get something for the teachers but I really loved hers.  And I think a nice handmade item (with a little gift card) is good way to show I appreciate all their hard work.  I certainly wouldn’t want to work with 2 and 3 year olds all day long!  lol  Not my calling!  So THANK YOU to Caitlyn’s sweet teachers who are tickled by her girly girl nature as much as I am.
Last Day of School   Last Day of school

As for the sewing… I asked both ladies what their favorite color is (surprisingly hard for them to answer.  I forget that not everyone contemplates color all day long!).  And then I tried throw something together based on that and make it a little bit me of course.  I do not consider this type of sewing my forte at all but I can muddle through.  I covered my zipper ends with fabric matching the lining of each bag.

Pretty Pouches

I think I cut each piece (2 exterior home dec weight pieces and 2 lining pieces) at about 5.5″ x 9.5″.  The zippers I had were 10″ zippers so I just shortened them to fit my opening.  Before I sewed it all together (not doing a tutorial…there are tons out there…just google lined zippered pouch or something), I used a little double sided fusible and a fussy cut piece of cute fabric to add a little detail to one piece of the exterior.

Pretty Pouch - detail
I stitched around the outside edge with a simple straight stitch on the raw edge…those aren’t going anywhere with the fusible and pouches aren’t thrown in the wash too often, so all is good.  I chose a lining that would be fun to see when you open up the bag.  I love a good lining!  So it was an Anna Maria Horner print for one and a Tula Pink one for the other.
Pretty Pouch - lining

It fits a gift card in a little bit of packaging well.  And I think her teachers really liked them.  At least they told me they did. 😉  Maybe they were just being nice to Caitlyn’s mom.

Pretty Pouch - detail

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8 thoughts on “Last Minute Teacher Gifts

  1. Cute! The whole teacher gift giving sneaks up on me every year. You did a great job at the last minute with a gift that does not look like you whipped it up at the last minute.

  2. These are adorable! I'm a teacher (although 3 year olds are certainly not my calling either, ha!) and I would be tickled to receive one of these! 🙂

    -Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

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