A Quilter’s Mixology in Review – Day 4

A Quilter's Mixology

It’s day 4 on this non stop tour of fun on my blog.  We are going through each and every project in my new book, A Quilter’s Mixology.  I know how important it is to see the full book when purchasing patterns.  And while I can’t give away all the details, I can let you know what you will be able to make if you get the book.  Not everyone can see the book in person before purchase and I hope that this in depth look will help you all make a decision about adding it to your personal library (or heck even getting your library to order it for you!).

I’m sharing 4 projects today from the book.  Join me each day to see the quilts and hopefully you’ll be inspired to start sewing some curves.  If you missed the previous days posts, no worries.  I have links provided near the end of this post.

First up today is a 2 for one kind of project.  My smallest projects in the book, a set of pillows, the Temple Pillow and the Ombre Drunkard’s Path Pillow.

A Quilter's Mixology

First off, let’s just admire that gorgeous sofa that the pillows are on.  Yum!  Why didn’t they ship that back with the quilts? lol  These two pillows are just the right size for getting your feet wet with a little curved piecing without committing to one of the larger quilts.  And while I know that I’m a quilt person, not everyone wants a project of that scale.  So these two patterns were designed as modern takes on traditional 1/4 circle curved piecing.  I made both with the same number of blocks so they work well together and used the accuquilt go baby and die to quickly cut these out (though remember, all templates necessary are also provided in the book).  The directions for these quilted pillows include full construction details for a lined, covered zip back, bound pillow.  No detail was left out! Forgive my less glamorously styled photos below…they are included to show more details.

Next I wanted to share with you the largest project in the book, Petal Pusher.  Smallest to largest…why not?! It’s a hefty large queen size…and may fit your king.  It’s definitely one that I had to send out to be long arm quilted simply due to it’s size.

A Quilter's Mixology

This quilt is made from one block design that is rotated to create a large petal/flower motif with four blocks.  And speaking of four blocks, if you made just four you would get a great baby quilt. Or drop out one of the colors to shrink the block size down and make a more manageable size for a domestic quilting machine.  But it’s not too expensive to have a pantograph design done on a quilt like this.  Nothing too fancy on the quilting here even though it too was done by the amazing Krista Withers.  I wanted to keep it simple to match the simpler block nature of the piecing.  Though Krista did sneak a tiny bit of her signature free motion quilting into the last row for me. 😉

A Quilter's Mixology

Here again, is a quilt for those of you intimidated at the thought of a large quilt with curves.  The graphic and lovely curved shape has a huge impact when done in small amounts over a “plain” background.  I made this with charms of like colors for a scrappy look, but the choice is yours. And while I deliberately did not style this to be a holiday quilt, I think you’ll agree with me that it is pretty much BEGGING for someone to do that.  (someone please do that and show me!)

This is the last of the quilts I will show you all that Krista quilted and she once again did an outstanding job!  Krista is WELL worth what she charges for her artistry.  Look for the ghost square shapes she incorporated into the quilting to offset the curves. And the book has some gorgeous pictures of her quilting on the ornaments which is pretty much out of this world.

So there you have it!  The next four of sixteen projects to share with you.

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And join us every day this week for more sneak peaks into the book.

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  1. You continue to amaze me daily with your beautiful quilts. I couldn't sleep last night so I got up and sneak peaked at day 4 early, early, early. Loved what I saw, dreamed of ornaments the rest of the night! =)

  2. So great to see all the projects in your book. And I can imagine so many versions of Ornamental, depending on the choice of fabric and quilting.

  3. Wow…I can't wait to get my hands on your book! My favorite is the Nine Patch Curves and I'm definitely making that one first! Congrats on the success of the book, Angela!