Asterisk Quilt – complete!

I finished a UFO!!  An honest to goodness, 2.5 year old UFO!!  Woohoo!  I’m very slowly cutting down on that pile.  I’m trying to be good about not starting new projects without working on the old ones.  It’s been tough but soooo satisfying to finish up those older projects once begun with such enthusiasm.

Asterisk Quilt

I started this one a couple years back, inspired by the Old Red Barn Co. Quilt Along of Asterisk quilts at the time.  I actually had a bee that I was in at that time help work on the blocks.  I sent them the squares and tiny strips of various linens.  I’ll be honest and say not every block I got back made it into the quilt.  But that was over two years ago and I don’t even remember WHAT bee I had work on this let alone WHO it was.

I had a set number of completed asterisk blocks when I pulled this UFO out and quickly decided I didn’t want to make any more.  Instead, I used the blocks I had cut as an outer border for the quilt and did a smaller border with a Tula Pink print that was just the right navy.

Asterisk Quilt

The finished size is a good lap size quilt.  It’s been planned for a SIL for years now and though she has no idea, I’m glad I’ll finally be able to give her a quilt!

Asterisk Quilt

I pieced together a scrappy back using up a lot of the fabrics I had from the front of the quilt.  I was just sort of done with the fabrics, so it’s a great way to use them up if you can have the patience to piece the back.  And I had just the right amount of the lizzy house print I used for the binding and used all of that up.  I love using up fabric.  (makes me feel better about buying the new stuff!)

Asterisk Quilt

A huge shout out to my friend Kelly who quilted this for me with her awesome Tiara machine on our recent weekend in Atlanta.  ♥♥♥♥♥♥  She did this great free motion double loop that I need to figure out how to do.  But she’s the real reason this is finished.  LOVE YOU!!!

Yay for finishing a UFO!

23 thoughts on “Asterisk Quilt – complete!”

  1. This is very pretty! I really like the navy border, especially how you extended it out to the edges. And I agree that using up old fabric does cut down on any guilt from buying more, more, more!

  2. I am so glad that you finished this wonderful UFO!!! It is beautiful!!! Congratulations on shortening the UFO pile and getting closer to working on something new!

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