Bee Blocks Galore!

Every time I think that I no longer have a lot of Bee Blocks to make, I’m befuddled by the number that I continue to make! I swear that I’ve had to leave bees or they have ended…and yet, here I am with a great number of blocks to make each month. Yes, I’m befuddled. Could I have possibly over-committed myself? Who? Me?

In short. Yes. LOL.

But once again, I promise that the load is getting lighter. This month was the very last month for our Pretty in Pink bee. A whole year of making blocks with a focus on pink. And let me tell you…after 24 or so blocks…pink doesn’t always look so pretty. 😉 It was really fun to work with all of the fabrics and see what the members chose, but I think that I’m done with 12-month bees that focus on one color. I’m too color spastic for that. But I did get my pretty blocks for my Neapolitan Dreams Quilt!

So, my very last block was for the very patient Sabrina who was the last month up! She gave us some precut fabric and just asked us to make flying geese pinwheel blocks.

Bee Blocks Galore

Then (I’m going in reverse order of what I’ve made) I made two blocks for the newest bee I am a part of, do. Good Stitches. This is a charity bee and we make two blocks a month with all of our own fabrics. I’m just a worker bee in this bee. Which means that I only have to make blocks. I don’t have to design a quilt or piece together everyone else’s blocks. So far, I can handle that much. I think that it’s really important to use the gifts that we are given for others…so this is my little way of doing something concrete.

We did two awesome blocks using a free-form technique that I’ve been wanting to try for a long time. Arajane wrote up this tutorial based on a pattern in the Last Minute Patchwork Gifts Book.

Bee Blocks Galore

The blocks are 6.5″ x 24.5″ and I’m totally in love with them. I can envision all kinds of things…but I think the most fun idea I had when I saw these and made them was to use them as the border for a future quilt. If anyone does that let me know! I think it would be so cool!

We had a very specific color palette but this would be beautiful in any number of color combinations!

Bee Blocks Galore

I can’t wait to see what she does with all the blocks! I have no idea what her plan is for the quilt. lol. Oh, it’s good not to be in charge!

My favorite shot!

Bee Blocks Galore

Can you handle more? Because I’ve made more! That’s why it’s been (gasp!) 3 whole days since I blogged! I was actually getting some sewing done. 😉

For one of the VIBee blocks this March (we’re doubled up for a couple of months here…it’s killing me!), Katie sent us some yummy innocent crush and a grey solid to work with. She wanted any kind of star block. Well you know I’ve done a few star blocks before. 😉 So I wanted to try the spinning star in this softer color palette. It’s pretty but definitely harder to see the star details. But it’s going to be a yummy quilt!

Bee Blocks Galore

Bee Blocks Galore

an artsy shot. 😉

Bee Blocks Galore

There’s more…

can we handle it? Or should I do another post? I think I’ll do another post. There are three more… We’ll have a part two tomorrow. the girlie is mad that I’m not paying attention to her. 😉 And we can’t have that! So more bee blocks tomorrow..or the day after. Because tomorrow is the official Mardi Gras day…we might have to do a tribute!

16 thoughts on “Bee Blocks Galore!”

  1. The spinning star is gorgeous! I have yet to receive my fabrics – I'll have to put my thinking cap on now that you've started off with such a stellar star!

  2. You do amazing piece work, all your points point and you have extra room to sew the next block on and not lose the point…awesome!!!

  3. I have seen your spinning (Ohio) star, with the hexie in the centre, popping up all around the place! Do you use or follow a pattern? Is it your own design? I would love to make one of these for my modern sampler quilt!

  4. Angela–Like some many who commented before me, I'd love to know if the Spinning Star is your own creation or if there is a tutorial some where out there? It is just gorgeous.

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