Just a little self indulgent post

I’m a new mom, so you’ll have to forgive my delight in my own child…but those of you who know me, know that she was quite a task to get.  And every day I find her more and more amazing. At almost 15 months, she is still not walking, but she is quite the climber.  And people are always commenting on how quickly she crawls.

Just a little self indulgent post

Today I let Caitlyn happily tear up catalogs for a half hour and watched with delight as she took one long skinny strip torn from a JCrew catalog and examined it.  It was a beautiful piece torn from the middle of a huge stack of soft sweaters in rainbow colors.  It was the one piece of paper that she tore that inspired me.  And apparently, it inspired her.  It was the first one that she tried to “wear”…first around her neck and then she tried to push it onto the front of her shirt.  I told her that she had very good taste in paper. LOL.

And then I found a photo of me with my older brothers when I’m around 20 months old. Good to know that my hair was just as crazy!

Just a little self indulgent post

And yes, that is a green-carpeted wall behind my brother and I. LOL. Gotta love the decor. That was ’81.

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  1. Oh, I love love that hair! She is just too beautiful! It was great seeing you at the parade last night — even if just for a minute. And, you have made my heart SING by telling me that little Peanut looks like me! Usually everyone says she's a mini version of my hubby. 🙂

  2. She is beautiful! I am currently enjoying spending time with my granddaughter, who is 3 – it's so much more fun than when her mom was little and I was scared to death of doing something wrong – so I'm really having fun watching her learn about everything! Enjoy your time with your daughter!!

  3. Is is darling. Mine are 6 and 5 (next week) and I loved it when they were younger. Enjoy every moment (ven the bad ones) as it goes so quickly!

  4. Love the hair. Seriously! She's so cute. My son didn't walk until 14 months and when he did it was hilarious. He had this wooden duck toy that you are supposed to hold onto to learn to walk. He grabbed it with both hands, raised it over his head, started yelling and walked. Once he did it that first time he was an instant pro.

    Love the side by side pic. Frightened of the carpeted wall but I bet it kept the house warmer. I'm thinking next winter I'm making quilts to hang on the bedroom walls for extra insulation!

  5. She's adorable! What a sweet girl. Cooper isn't walking yet either (at 14 months) and doesn't look like he'll do it any time soon. Every baby moves at their own pace!

  6. She is adorable. And yay for crawling! You know there are studies identifying the connection of crawling and reading ability. So she should be an excellent reader. And my grandson was a slow walker as well. But now you can't stop him.

  7. You've just reminded me that my daughter didn't walk until she was 16 months – but it seemed she waited until she could do it properly with hardly a tumble!
    Our children are just so precious and Caitlyn looks so gorgeous and happy. Enjoy every moment, time passes so quickly. My girl is 3 now and has been jumping like a frog today and skipping 🙂

  8. Your chat about Caitlyn not walking has me thinking of my oldest son, who weighed a ton at 11 months when he finally let go and walk an entire afternoon. Then not again for days, but we think it's because his muscles were so sore! Caitlyn is the cutest and before you're ready she'll be running…..and you'll be chasing with a brush in your hand!

    (Sorry, deleted 'cause I had typos!)

  9. She is cute!

    No need to rush her into walking.
    My son is 16 months and has been walking since the week he turned 1.
    I enjoy it – but I think I wouldnt have minded if he waited just a bit longer!

  10. The green carpeted wall!!!!!!

    Ok, now that I'm over that, she definitely has your hair. And, I think our kids are bound to love color with all the creating going on in the house. But, this one is definitely starting young! She's gonna love your Bottled Rainbow 😉

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