Cast Offs Roundup

Introducing the Cast Offs Quilt Pattern

Looking to use up those scraps you have accumulated? Repurpose them in this Cast Offs pattern and make this beautiful modern quilt.

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Kelly’s Cast Offs Quilt

If you have a collection of themed scraps why not create a themed Cast Offs quilt. Kelly did an amazing job with this beautiful holiday quilt with a vintage vibe.

Here is what she liked about this pattern:

It was a challenge, but I used the Accuquilt for cutting and that was a big time saver.”

Follow Kelly at @keep_it_together.quilts

Joan’s Cast Offs Pillow 

Looking for a smaller project to do in between quilts? Make a Cast Offs pillow instead like Joan did.

Melanie’s Cast Offs Quilt

I love Melanie’s use of bright pops of color on the neutral background.

Here is what she shared about making this pattern . . .

I loved making this and getting to use some of my scraps.”

Follow Melanie at @mdohojda

Sey’s Cast Offs Quilt

The contrast in Sey’s quilt really catches your attention. Create a show stopper by incorporating a mix of light and dark fabrics.

Here is what Sey shared about her experience sewing this pattern . . . 

I appreciated the graphics for improv piecing on the paper shape provided.”

Follow Sey at @SeyDonnaMade

Feeling inspired to make your own? Hop over to the shop and pick up this new pattern and start your spring cleaning early by putting yoru scraps to good use!

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