8 Teacher Gift Ideas

Looking to show appreciation for your kids’s teachers? I have rounded up a collection of crafty gift ideas for inspiration.



Flowers are an easy and fun gift to give, especially if you have elementary school aged children. Check out my blog post for ideas on adding a personal touch to your flower gifts.

Teacher Gifts Flower Style

Teacher Tote


Personalized gifts are always a nice touch, so why not make this cute teacher tote and mug? No sewing needed, just a fun crafty gift idea.

DIY Tote Blog Post


Shadow Boxes


Pick out fun fabric scraps with your little one for this crafty gift idea! A great way to use up some of your fabric stash.

Butterfly Shadow Box Project


Teacher Pouches



How cute are these little zipper pouches? These make great teacher gifts! Fill with some fun classroom supplies and ta-da, the perfect teacher gift.

Fabric Pouches


Cafe Apron


This might not be the obvious choice but if you have older kids who have specialized teachers such as art teachers or special education teachers, they are always stashing teacher tools in their pockets! These can be really helpful for the teacher always looking for an expo marker or a ruler.

Cafe Apron Blog


Classroom Organization


Teachers are always in need for classroom organizational tools. If you have an extra special teacher you want to sew something for, this is a great idea.

Office Organizer

Art Teacher Organizer


Cosmetic Bags


Teachers are always on the go and often keep a stash of snacks and emergency supplies at school. These cute cosmetic bags are great for storing general supplies or classroom supplies.

Cosmetic Bags


Mug Rugs


A cute little sewing project that will remind your teacher of summer break. Create a fun mug rug so your teachers can have a designated spot on their desk for their morning coffee.

Mug Rug Ideas

More Mug Rugs


I hope that was helpful! Got any other fun teacher gift ideas? Feel free to share in the comments as I am always looking for creative and crafty gift ideas.

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