Double Cross Quilt Roundup

Today I’ve rounded up some of my favorite quilts from fellow makers. I hope their creations get you inspired to dive in and create your own. 

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The Double Cross Quilt is a combination of + and X shapes arranged in a traditional quilt block. Additional size blocks make this quilt a more modern take on the classic. This is a fat quarter-friendly quilt and can be adjusted for different sizes.

Check out these three makers’ take on the Double Cross Quilt . . .

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I hope these maker’s quilts leave you feeling inspired and empowered to create your own! Check out these patterns and other quilt patterns here.

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Michele shared this about her Double Crossed Quilt:

“I enjoyed making the blocks – it felt addictive because I loved sewing up the different combinations that I couldn’t wait to see what else looked great together.”

Becky also shared:

“I loved everything about this pattern 😆 I really like the size of this quilt (I like to make big quilts). I liked that it was a fun take on some classic blocks and that it looks like it would be hard to put together, but is actually quite simple!”

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As always, I love seeing what you make with these patterns so make sure to tag me on social and use the hashtag #AngelaPingelDesigns #AngelaPingelQuilts #DoubleCrossedQuilt

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