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Have you heard the news?  I have a fabric line coming out with Windham Fabrics!  This is truly a dream come true for me.  I never thought it would happen.  But I persevered with my dream, keeping it close to me for many years.  Finally, I allowed myself to be vulnerable and share my dream with the world.  So many of you supported me and gave me words of encouragement to continue to actually believe that it might happen.

A year and a half ago, I spent my time recovering from a surgery working on learning Illustrator.  I still have so much to learn and will continue to go back and reteach myself pretty much every time I open the program.  It is such a powerful program.  But again, I pushed myself, and worked on getting my ideas and sketches onto the screen.  I put them in repeat and worked at creating a story with my fabric design.

I continued to work on it while pursuing other dreams, like my Craftsy class, and finally put together a portfolio.  Phew!  What work that was.  I had little idea of what I was doing and what people wanted to see in the art director world.

Then I packed myself up and took off for fall quilt market not quite a year ago.  I did what I call speed dating with many of the creative directors of our favorite fabric companies.  Within a couple of days I had met with 7 different companies and shown them my designs.  I received a variety of feedback and I interviewed them as well on their policies and such.  It was an intense and extremely vulnerable experience for me.  But no risk, no reward right?

Rarely is anyone offered a contract right at market these days.  The stars all have to align perfectly for that.  In general, the companies want to go back and talk to the whole creative team and discuss how you might or might not fit into their company.  There are many reasons for both.

Ultimately after being in contact with many companies after market, I accepted a contract with Windham fabrics.  They have been delightful to work with and I am so excited that my debut collection is with them.

My collection actually is available for sale to quilt shops starting in August.  It is titled Curious Dream, and is based on Alice’s adventures in Wonderland.  I chose to go with a more abstract and modern take on this theme rather a straight foward, in your face design.  I hope that you will all love it!

The fabric will be available for the general public to purchase in December…so ask your quilt shops now to be on the look out for it.  I can’t wait to share the designs and photos for the look book with you all here on the website and blog.  I’ve been chomping at the bit to share it with you!  So soon!

And to those of you who have written such lovely comment on my last few blog posts, please know that I have deeply appreciated these comments.  I am sorry that I haven’t responded…they are all still in my inbox staring at me every day.  But forgive me if they go unanswered.  Life has been a bit of a struggle lately with the preparations for the fabric to launch and balancing the pain I’ve been experiencing due to my EDS.  I have some new meds, so I have cautious hope that things may get a bit better.  But this is new and tricky for me to balance it all.  And I definitely have not figured that out yet.  Know though that all of your words to me are read and greatly loved.  So thank you.  I’m not sure I would continue with it all if it were not for the support I receive from followers here and on Instagram.  Thank you.

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  1. Congratulations!! What wonderful news!!! I can’t wait to see the line! When can you show us peeks of it? And concerning your EDS, my oldest daughter just was diagnosed with it this winter, and my younger daughter has been searching for answers to her health problems for the last 5/6 years. We are taking her to Stanford Medical Hospital now for help and just saw a Dr this last week that has given us some hope for her headaches (headaches every day). I’d love to share with you what he said and what they can do about it if the EDS is the cause of it, but don’t really want it out on this open forum. Let me know via email if you are interested in this. I hope you can do well and feel well: I know what problems this can present in your life!! My hubby has had constant pain for years and never knew the cause till our daughters were diagnosed.
    So happy about your success with Windham!! Can’t wait to see your fabric!!! Hugs, H

  2. I will make sure to look for your fabric line. I’m sorry EDS is flaring up. Don’t feel alone, There are more of us than you would imagine.

  3. So excited for you Angela! A wonderful partnership with Windham is a blessing! I am anxious for the Look Book and to watch your success unfold!

  4. Congrats to you! I hope you can bask in the self accomplishments. You deserve the joy! (And please, do not feel obliged to respond to my comment. 🙂

  5. It’s such an exciting thing Angela and I have been keeping my eyes out for any glimpses of Curious Dream! I did see you have an Aurifil Thread box, which is super cool! Many Many Congratulations! It’s something huge to pull this off and I’m so impressed! But it’s even huger to do so when you are ill. I hope your new medications do something to help relieve the pain you feel.
    As soon as you read this comment, please toss it and do not worry about any need to reply! (The same goes for any past ones that are hanging over your head)

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