Fancy Phones and Fancy Hexagons

I recently entered the world of technology with a new “smart” phone. I’m having fun starting to explore just the tiniest bit of things you can do with an iPhone…and yes, that means I now play Angry Birds. 😉 But one of the best things about a new phone? Why a new phone COVER! I found the cutest cover designed by none other than one of our favorite fabric designers Cosmo Cricket.

Fancy Phones And Fancy Hexagons

How cute is that?! I found it on I believe…too lazy to go look it up. But Google is your friend and I’m sure you could find it if you want. Is it wrong that I am so impressed at how perfectly it fits the phone with all of the cutouts? lol

Fancy Phones And Fancy Hexagons

They even give you little sticker covers for the sides! And it is all one seamless design.

Fancy Phones And Fancy Hexagons

I love that I can now find my phone more easily in my purse and that there is just a little more protection for the outside. Plus…IT’S SUPER CUTE!

Anyway, just wanted to share my new pretty cover for my new pretty phone. I do have actual sewing I have been doing as well. I feel like I’ve been sewing a lot, but in all honesty, I may just be thinking about sewing a lot. I have definitely been HAND sewing a lot. Paper Piecing Hexagons! Here’s a little peek at that.

Fancy Phones And Fancy Hexagons

Fancy Phones And Fancy Hexagons

I’ll be sharing more about that for sure later on…but also be sure to tune in tomorrow for the reveal of my next Moda Bakeshop Quilt!! Plus a fun giveaway sponsored by the Fat Quarter Shop! Woohoo!

Off to play more Angry Birds. 😉

14 thoughts on “Fancy Phones and Fancy Hexagons”

  1. WAY cool hexies!! Are you hand piecing those? I do mine by hand, but sure wish sometimes I could get them done faster.. I do love that I can sit and watch TV and stitch, but some days I want my project DONE. Love your colors!

  2. That is without a doubt the cutest phone cover ever! And it is remarkable how they fit- I have a plain but shimmery one for my BlackBerry and it delights me. You will love all the things you can do w/ your phone-follow all your blogs w/ rss feed (and comment from anywhere), take quick photos and post them directly or email them to yourself to edit and post later, listen to podcasts, etc. Enjoy!

  3. LOVE that phone cover. I'm about ready to trade my 3G in for a 4. App. Hmmm. I'm with Krista about Hipstamatic and Instagram. But if you like fonts, here is an app where you basically scan a font you like and it will tell you what it is. And the name of the app is the BEST: What the font. hehe

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