Flying to the end

Well, I’ve had an interesting couple of days.  I went out to get the white thread that I needed in order to do any more sewing.  I happily found it on sale and everything.  Made my purchase and was coming out of the store carrying my package and my daughter when I ran into a concrete parking spot bumper.  I jammed my toe into it, went flying face forward with my daughter in front of me.  I saw the whole thing in slow motion and did the best I could to protect her from hitting the pavement.  She’s a little bumped and bruised but no scrapes, thank goodness!!  Me, not so much.  I really slammed my left knee, toe, and leg into the ground and have a very swollen knee.  I’m waiting to see what pretty colors it becomes. 😉  So, I didn’t manage to get any sewing done that day because I was keeping my knee on ice.  But I forced myself to bend it enough to sit at my machine the next day and use that white thread that I was so determined to buy. (stubborn? me?)

So here is the finished purple bottled rainbow block, which I will always remember by the scrapes on my knee.  😉

Flying to the end

I also needed to finish up my last bee block for the month and for this house.  For Holly for Bee Modern Too she asked us to make flying geese blocks.  She sent us some fabrics and encouraged us to add some of our own too.  She has a really fun color palette and I wanted to make something different than I had made before.  I’m kind of taken with the long strips of flying geese right now, so I made her one giant “block” that measures 12.5″ x 28.5″.

Flying to the end

It’s funny.  I’m never a huge fan of flying geese when someone tells me to make them, but I always end up really like them after I’ve made them.  This is why I like doing bee blocks because I’m forced to work on things that I don’t naturally gravitate towards.  And I (usually) end up liking them.

Flying to the end

I also made one last online fabric purchase last week that came in the mail.  I bought some FFA meadow flowers that I’ve been drooling over for far too long.  I finally gave in.  And the person I bought them from put in a couple of scraps of the upcoming FFAIII that she acquired through a woman who made a quilt for the quilt market.  Anyway, I was very excited to get a feel for these because I doubt I’ll ever see a bolt of these in person.  Online ordering is the only way they can enter my life.

Flying to the end

The guitar print is on a lightweight canvas that is more flexible than the FFAII and the flowers are lightweight cotton that is as lightweight as the gauze from FFA but won’t be as hard to work with! Yay!

3 days until we pack up the trucks!  I’ll try to post one more time before we move and then I have no idea.  Internet access, unpacking and a mini-vacation for the husband and I are all on the plate for next week.  Of course, I fully plan on finding some fabric stores while on our little vaca!

16 thoughts on “Flying to the end”

  1. Oh my goodness- hope that knee gets feeling better VERY quickly! Take care on the move- we'll be looking forward to hearing from you 🙂


  2. Sorry about your fall. I know that hurt. I hope you can enjoy the purple block without the reminder of the fall you took. It is quite cute!

  3. So glad you and your daughter are okay…nothing broken. I hope all the bumps and bruises heal quickly.

    Good luck with your move. I'll look forward to hearing how things went after you are settled. I'm so amazed that you've been able to keep sewing. I don't multitask well sometimes and would have been completely zeroed in on moving. I tend to either obsess or ignore 🙂

  4. GOOD LUCK and safe travels! These two blocks look fantastic. I'm sorry to hear about your parking lot mishap. I once fell down 3 concrete stairs holding my son who was only 5 months old, and the same slow motion thing happened to me, too. We were both okay after the crying subsided (me) and we laid down for a nap! Hope your knee will heal quickly, Angela.

  5. You poor thing! I've done similar things in the past with a small child and it is so hard when your mind is in so many places. The purple is v appropriate though!

  6. You poor thing. I did something similar not long ago…juggling a shopping bag and my daughter while trying to navigate some stairs…you're right – when you fall it does go in slow motion. Hope your knee is feeling better soon 🙂

  7. eeep! you poor thing! I did something similar holding Cian when he was a newborn! I fell down about 7 stairs in our house! I took a beating because I was determined for him not to get hurt. I was really shaken up afterwards because I was so scared for him! I had some nasty bruises, but all I could think was, "Thank God I didn't drop my baby!"

  8. Ouch!! I had a fall like that once at the zoo. I was holding Aliya and we were by the little water exhibit and there was water on the concrete which made it very slippery and I normally would not have fell but holding her made me extremely off balanced and I tried to keep her from hitting the ground and landed on my knees. It was very painful and embarrassing.
    Hope you have a safe move friend! Please let me know that you are there safe. I pray for your family!! hugs

  9. That's the kind of stuff that happens when you are distracted and not paying attention – too many things going on. I know, been there done that. I jammed a pin in my toe at Christmas time one year and didn't take the time for first aide. Ended up with an infection bad enough to go to the Dr. Must have been a pin I had had in my mouth. Learned a valuable lesson – take the time to take off the sock and care for it! I'm reading through your posts so I won't have to wait for you to start up again.

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