Forgot to share my modern swappers package I sent!

Oh with the holidays and international shipping, it was a while before my partner Mandy from the last round of modern swappers (now Make Mine Modern) was able to receive her package. I wasn’t able to share very much of what I was sending her because it was all too specific to her and I was afraid that she would guess it was for her! And then of course I was so excited to ship it off to Australia that I forgot to take pictures of the whole package. Luckily Mandy said that I could use her pictures to show you all. 😉

The one thing that I had been able to show you before was this fabulous little bag that I made under the tutelage of Kaelin at around 3 in the morning on our quilting retreat.

Forgot to share my modern swappers package I sent

cosmetic bags

I knew that bag was generic enough that no one would if it was for them or not. So I was free to share it. But as for the other items of fabric and the other piece I made her…well they were quite specific. You see, Mandy has a great love of Kokeshi dolls. Don’t know what they are? Well neither did I! I had to google them…and I think she may have started a little love of them for me too. She also said that her favorite color right now is scarlet. So I went for a theme (why not?!) and pulled together this little collection for her.

Modern Swappers

Alexander Henry had a Kokeshi doll fabric that I was taking a bet that Mandy did not own yet…or if she did, she wouldn’t mind getting more. It turns out that there was also the Japanese script coordinated with scarlet writing. So of course I had to get that. Then I threw in some other fabrics that I hoped she would enjoy that had the same theme if you will.

But then there is that little hoop. I kept trying to come up with an idea that was not kokeshi dolls because I had already bought her fabric. But eventually, I just gave in and did what I really wanted to make. I hadn’t done a hoop before, so I wanted to try that out too.

Modern Swappers - Hoop

I should have taken a picture of a coin with those little gals because they are no larger than two inches tall. Yes, once again, I delved into the world of teeny tiny applique. But they were so cute!! I couldn’t resist them! Each little piece is hand-cut and applied with heat n bond, ironed in place, and then appliqued with thread. It was a little (literally!) work, but there is something really satisfying about working with miniature items!

closeup of Kokeshi doll applique hoop

I’ve already had some requests for those kokeshi dolls in the future, so you may be seeing them again. Hopefully soon…if I can get any sewing done!

I also sent along with a few little nothing goodies like fun paper sticky notes… but that was the real package. I felt a little bad after I sent it because people this round were major overachievers (like my extremely generous partner Kelly!). So I apologized for only doing the minimum…but boy was I swamped with projects at the time! Mandy seemed to like it all, so hopefully, she was pleased with the package.

Modern Swappers received from Angela

Oh and don’t forget everyone…tomorrow is our first day of check-in for the fabric diet! Come prepared to say if you were good or naughty. 😉 I’ll admit all my struggles and you all can share yours. Hopefully, we won’t be enablers, but heck, if you’re not on the diet I bet you’ll learn about some good deals because it’s hard when you know of them and can’t take advantage of it yourself!

4 thoughts on “Forgot to share my modern swappers package I sent!”

  1. That is a very cute hoop!!

    I love those little dolls 🙂

    I'm not ready to do anything miniature yet! The smallest I have gotten is the Mug Rugs that I just made yesterday!

  2. i friggin love this package and all the little details. the precious kokeshi fabric, the polka dot ribbon tied on the pouch zipper, and most of all the wee kokeshi dolls hoop….even the ribbon wrapped around the hoop is adorable!

    i love the way your mind works.

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