In my “free time”

I’ve got some major swaps ending soon and I’m finished with one, but definitely still hard at work on the other two. But I can’t work on them constantly because I loose my edge or make poor decisions because I just want to get something done. So occasionally I step away from the pressing projects to work on a few other things.

In my "free time"

My month is coming up for the Ravishing in Red Bee. I’ve been planning this for a while. I want everyone to have some freedom in what they make, but still have cohesion. I’m planning on making this into a quilt for a family member, so I’m basing this off of her style as I see it. So it’s a little traditional but hopefully still fresh. I’m going to do a star sampler with setting blocks. White is the background color for everything. Everyone is getting a different red fabric for the main part of the star and some kona aqua for a complimentary color if they need it. I’m not looking anything wonky this time, so I’m interested to see what stars people come up with. I have all the packages ready to be mailed but I’m waiting because I think that we’ve lost another member again and are in the process of replacing her. So then I need to figure which envelope is hers and readdress to the new person! LOL.

Here’s the block that I made for my quilt…hopefully it will give them some idea of what I am looking for.

In my "free time"

The setting blocks have yet another fabric that combines the blue and red and white…so I think that it will look very pretty all together!

Oh and I did take some time to work on one of the “big” quilts today. I cut 42 more petals from freezer paper and ironed them onto the fabric. Then I cut out the petals. I even purchased an applique mini iron and more starch for the next steps. Gotta love the Joann’s coupons! So next I’ll be turning under the sides on those 42 petals! That’s where a lot of the work is…I’m not so worried about the hand stitching. Perhaps I should be…but standing over the ironing board seems more tedious to me.

In my "free time"

I’m hoping to do some work on the doll quilt tomorrow. I need to finish up the applique so that I can get to the actual quilting. There’s not too much time left now…

4 thoughts on “In my “free time””

  1. My you've been a busy bee! Guess what? I found a use for my hexies!! Texas Freckles is hosting a hexie charm quilt a long with no time scale!! Woo Hoo!!

  2. I will be working on petal this weekend too…I have 72 to trace and cut…It really isn't as bad as it sounds though…It will go a lot quicker than you think :

    I love the star block you came up with!

  3. Yeah I'm not so worried about the tracing and cutting…but now it's the ironing all the edges down!

    I'm glad that you guys love the red and aqua block. The shade of blue is just perfect and I picked it out with the help of my Kona color card!! I love that thing!

  4. I LOVE the red and aqua quilt block. It looks so beautiful! I think you have inspired me to make something similar!

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