Finished with Heat n bond! the doll quilt continues…

Well other than some fence posts that will be added after the real quilting, this top is complete and ready to be quilted!

I put this description on this picture on flickr…but I’ll share it here too!

Can you find a chatty gnome, a jealous gnome and a gnome who is a drone?
A rainbow tree without a bee
but full of color for all to see?
A bird in the sky and a bird on a limb
and what does keep those mermaids trim?
A little serf, a grassy turf, and a rainbow oh so slim?
An emerald city, a unicorn so pretty and witches so witty?
A Haunted house with not even a mouse?
But most of all can you tell if this quilt is ready to hang on the wall in your hall?

Doll quilt

There’s a lot going on in this quilt so it’s almost hard to see from the overall picture…closeups are necessary. But I’ve finally added the leaves and fruit to the trees, 3 precious gnomes and the blue bird in the sky by the rainbow (and a little one hidden in the trees). I want to thank Kelly and Kaelin whose generosity made it possible for me to add the darling gnomes to the quilt. There were absolutely needed and both ladies offered up some from their precious stash. Kelly sent me the gnomes sitting on the mushroom and the one pushing a cart of mushrooms and Kaelin hand delivered the standing gnome (but then she got another sneak peak at the quilt in progress!). I wasn’t sure that I needed all three, but I LOVE them! Everyone needs a gnome in their life!

I added one gnome on the rocks with the mermaids…he’s sitting on the mushrooms and there are other mushrooms growing nearby so it seemed perfect. And when I placed him there he seemed so happy to be in conversation with the mermaid!

Doll quilt

But oh that poor standing gnome….he so wishes it could be him talking to the mermaid. He looks perfectly grumpy standing on the other side of the pond all alone. Sort of a peeping tom, don’t you think?

And that third little gnome, well he’s hard at work. But I don’t know what he’s going to do with those mushrooms! But he seems quite happy with his collection and who am I to judge?

Doll quilt

Little things to notice…I love how this gnome’s hat matches the flags on the castles so well. And clever eyes might also notice that the fabric that I chose for the trees mimics the shape of a rainbow!

Lots of tiny cutting went into the next part…all those circles and branches. Three different fabrics contributed to the foliage of the trees. LOTS of tiny pieces! Then they all had to be put in place and look interesting. I wasn’t as happy with the overall look of this at first but I’ll let you in on a little preview…I already raw edge stitched around the trees and leaves and I think that it works much better for me now. I used a dark contrasting thread, so I don’t think that they get as lost in the quilt. (But you’ll have to wait for the picture!)

Doll quilt

And then finally…the inspiration behind this whole quilt was put in place. The blue bird.

Doll quilt

It’s so funny, but I just love how he turned out. Another batik fabric to the rescue! He might be one of my favorite things! The quilt is named “Where Bluebirds Fly” and I love how he has the space to have the attention he deserves.

Doll quilt

So there’s the colorful side! Ready to be quilted and tack down all that applique. I’ve thankfully already got some of it under my belt…but there’s still plenty left to do.

Another shot before I go…just a different view…

Doll quilt

9 thoughts on “Finished with Heat n bond! the doll quilt continues…”

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Pretty please bring it to the next Show & Tell so I can drool over it. (Don't worry, I won't drool on it.)

  2. That blue bird is welcome to fly to my house anytime, but I know I promised to not get my hopes up….

    And I know I keep saying it, but you do amazing work! So imaginative, it's almost scary!

  3. This quilt is absolutely amazing I love everything that you have done. The gnomes, mermaids, rainbows and then the other half with the black and white is truly awesome.

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