Doll Quilt Back

You didn’t think that I was going to make this quilt and not give it a little something special on the back did you? Having completed the front (all the raw edge stitching is done! yeah!) it is now time to begin the real quilting. However in order to do that, I needed a back. And not just any back… pardon the pun, but this idea has been brewing for a while.

Doll Quilt Back

I wanted to make something that carried over the theme from the front, but would be simpler…nothing too crazy. LOL. I adore the ghastlies fabric; it just cracks me up. And I knew that there was a large witch that just needed to be the center of attention. But she can’t win, and so she is surrounded by the rainbow of blocks. She looks thrilled, doesn’t she. 😉

Those little rainbow blocks have actually been sitting on my fabric shelf taunting me…just waiting for me to find a way to use them. They were originally cut for the back of the paintbox quilt (yes, I’m still working on that one…it got put on the back burner!) but I had decided long ago that I would be doing the back differently than the original design. So here were these beautiful assortment of colors and I thought…ah! Perfect! They will make just the right border.

Doll Quilt Back

And I was right. Oh how I love how this turned out. I debated about the corner blocks but had another aha! moment when going through my stash for a rainbow like fabric. Rainy days and Mondays has been another recent obsession of mine and I loved being able to throw it into this quilt. After all, you can’t have a rainbow without some rain!

Doll Quilt Back

For now, the back slightly oversized…as all good backs should be. And it is square while my quilt isn’t quite square. So it will look a bit different, but I’m sooo happy with how this turned out. I love the soft colors of the rainbow and framing with them.

My husband even managed to get some shots of me in action making this!

(the flickr comments on this one are hysterical btw)

Doll Quilt Back

And sewing!

Doll Quilt Back

>Doll Quilt Back

I also got the most wonderful package in the mail yesterday, but I’ll share that tomorrow so it can have all the attention it deserves!

Now to think about the label….

7 thoughts on “Doll Quilt Back”

  1. You may actuakky have made me fall in love with that fabric! I might have to totally blow my budget for this month any buy some lol! I love the back nearly as much as the front! Whoever gets this is incredibly lucky!

  2. The back is wonderful! It is the perfect compliment to the complexity of the front. I agree, whoever gets this quilt is extremely lucky.

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