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I’m involved in a lot of different swaps and bees. One that I have been focusing my time on this week has been the Modern Swappers group. It’s my first swap I’ve ever signed up for and I have no idea what to expect from my secret partner. But I’m trying hard not to think about that! LOL. There’s just a few of us posting pictures so far, so there’s a lot out there potentially being made that could be for any of us. I wanted to get a jump start on this even though we have three months to work on it. I don’t think that we need to ship our objects until sometime like Sept 1st. So typical me, I already have two of my three items ready to go and I know and have the supplies for the third.

This swap involves fabric, a handmade object and something for the person’s sewing room. I think that most people are making their handmade object their major project, but I’m actually making the sewing room item my major project…that’s the one I haven’t done yet. LOL.

So far, I’ve attempted to tease and throw off the group members by posting the following pictures in the group.

First I posted a group of fabrics to give….pretty aren’t they?

But after stalking my partner a bit more, I changed my mind almost entirely and switched the fabrics to these fabulous ones instead. Personally I’d like to get either collection!

Then, I posted a series of mysterious pictures (well I like to think that they were mysterious) just giving tidbits of progress on my handmade item.

11 pretty pieces of tiny grey, black and white fabrics.

Those pieces of fabric many hours later (and some other objects) became these.

Then it seemed a bit too obvious, so I wanted to post a crazy picture to throw them off a bit…

But I ended the suspense when today I posted these pictures!

I’m really happy with how this turned out. I used a tutorial  to make this and despite it taking a lot longer than I thought it would…doesn’t it always…I like how the end product looks. The crazy picture comes from the step where after I covered the wooden beads with fabric ( a much harder and more fiddly process than you might think) I took the advice of someone who had made one of these and covered the beads with modge podge. The idea is to protect the fabric and help preserve the integrity of the necklace. I like that it does that and I like the extra little sparkle that you get from the coating…but it does take away from the softness of the fabric. It’s an interesting choice and I don’t regret it. I wouldn’t want this to fall apart while she’s wearing it!

My major project must remain a mystery to you all until I’m able to send it off to her in the fall. That seems like a long way away! But I’m afraid that if anyone knows what I’m making it will be too clear who my partner is. Part of the fun is not knowing what is for whom. So sneak peaks are all anyone will be getting. But I’m excited about it and I think that it’s going to be very helpful for her sewing room! Enough said…I’ve probably already said too much! LOL.

Lots of packages in the mail today, but I’ll post about those later. Let’s just say that there are some very sweet people out there and I’m feeling the fabric love!

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