Liberated Sewing

Well the babe slept long enough for me to work on my blocks for June for the Sew Liberated. This month, the host wanted liberated baskets. It was nice because the blocks all needed to be the same height, but the width did not matter. Everything about the blocks was very free form.

If you recall, this is the bee where I was sent fabric that I couldn’t bear to work with. Little ants! Thankfully I was able to substitute a sweet green fabric that I won in a giveaway recently (thanks again Dana!) and used it for the baskets. But the most fun part of the block was definitely working on the handles. I don’t usually work with bias bindings, but this was fun. A little scary because I wasn’t totally confident in how it would turn out. But I did end up being able to manipulate the curves and I read that you should sew the inside curve first…so I think that helped.

A detail of the handle of block 1

A detail of the handle of block 2

And as always, the two together…I always want to see how the blocks look together so that I can get a better vision for the quilt and make sure that my blocks are cohesive.

And then a little bit of liberated inspiration. You really can find inspiration for quilts, design or color schemes in all places. A little friend of mine (thanks Jane!) made this spin art and I just love it. The colors are so vibrant and just work together. The movement is awesome and makes you feel like it is still spinning.

Oh and I got an anonymous gift in the mail the other day. It was a package mailed from my home town with a beautiful piece of red fabric in it. But there was no indication of who it was from or what the fabric exactly was. I called my mom but it wasn’t from her. I even called UPS to see if they could tell me who had sent it. No Luck. So what’s a girl to do but get on Facebook and ask if anyone had sent me a package of fabric. 5 minutes later I get a call from one of my brothers. He had mailed it to me and forgotten to tell me it was coming. It turns out that it is 2.5 yards of red silk that he bartered for while on a recent trip to Hong Kong (his first trip out of the country!). Wasn’t that sweet?

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