Well it’s a thankfully slightly lazy Saturday morning and I’m sitting here watching my incredibly adorable daughter try to get to her laundry that needs to be folded. It’s taunting me over there with my laundry. Oh and wouldn’t you know it…just as I write this, my darling husband picked up my basket to fold my laundry. Sigh. It’s good to know you married the right guy!

Anyway, I have a list of the things that I want to accomplish sewing wise this coming week and I will feel much more relaxed if I can do maybe half of them!

I want to work on the final project for Modern Swappers so I have that finished, packed up and ready to mail!

I want to print out the blocks for the 3 x 6 bee that I will be paper piecing (does anyone use anything other than paper piecing tearable backing for paper piecing?) and I would love to get at least one of them done. I’m planning on doing 7 because I’d like to do one for myself too. Trouble is, I haven’t tried this pattern and I have no idea how long it’s going to take.

I want to keep up with any bee fabric that comes in the mail…I think that I have at least two more coming…maybe 3!

I would love to start working on the ice cream dress for Caitlyn, but I have a feeling that is a dream somewhere in the future.

oh yeah and I really would like to make a little progress on the doll quilt to post so people don’t think that I have forgotten about it!

That sounds like an awful lot…and my brother is in town until Tuesday living in my sewing room….hmmm…yeah…not so realistic.

But I did manage to work on my blocks for the Japanese bee. It’s so fun to be part of this bee because I’m getting to see so many fabrics that normally people don’t let you work with because they’re so expensive. And I feel like I’m getting a lot of it out of my system. So while there are a few fabrics that I feel I must have, there are much less than I thought because I get to see them, work with them and send them back to their owners. For instance, this week I work with a couple of adorable small japanese prints, but the one fabric that I loved the most was the linen polka dot. In the end it always comes back to polka dots.

The goal for these blocks was to make square in square blocks or rectangle in square blocks etc. I ended up making three blocks just to use up all the fabric and try out some different layouts. The first two are pretty simple, but the fabric is so fun that I didn’t want to do anything too busy…just let the fabric be the show.

Block #1 with those lovely polka dots!


She had a very subdued palette that I was iffy about when I first saw it on the computer screen, but when I had the fabrics in hand I just fell in love with. Very soothing and relaxing.

Block #2 was a square in square and I got to use a whole bunch of the adorable blue fabric with all the little duckies! Unfortunately the picture looks fuzzy…but that’s not really what happened. I took it in the morning when I was barely awake because my husband was taking the camera for the day and I was headed to the post office to mail these…anyway…the humidity here is very high and it hit the lens and I didn’t catch it. Oh well



Block #3 I was trying to do two rectangle in rectangle pieces put together for a single square, but I ran out of fabric and had to do some scrappy piecing which threw off the symmetry. Hopefully she still likes it. The picture here makes it look wonky (remember I was barely awake!) but it is perfectly square.


But I was definitely happy when I put all three together. I think that they really blend well together and I can picture her quilt more easily now. It will be soothing and already makes me want to snuggle.


So a little bit of sewing…hopefully with more to come soon. I need to get back into the pattern of life here that goes less interrupted.


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