My latest obsession

So you may laugh, but I’ve always been one of those people who “wanted” to collect something but couldn’t stand the thought of it as well. I hate to be burdened by something such as a large overwhelming collection but I love the idea of having something special that I would always love to get.

I had an aunt who used to collect turtle objects and I liked that you could always find something for her…but on the other hand, I didn’t like that she most likely got all kinds of turtle junk that wasn’t important or special.

But I think I’ve found my true love. And I’m probably way behind the times and you’ll all say “Angela, EVERYONE loves that.” But ah well..I’ve just fallen head over heals….

and what is it? Cathrineholm Enamelware. LOVE. I don’t have any of my own, so I have to steal these photos from other people…

My latest obsession
(photo by Sew Katie Did)
My latest obsession
(photo by lolie jane)

Oh I could go on and on… I’m completely in love. And I don’t have a thing!

So here’s my question for you all…have you heard of this? Have you found some? Do you have some that you want to send me? 😉 How should I find it? There are some up on Ebay and Etsy but the prices scare me!! I don’t want to me to be taken for a fool. And I don’t have the need (right now) to own the REALLY rare pieces…plus I want a SMALL collection.


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  1. i have heard of it. the chick over at in color order collects cathrineholm (among other things).

    it's cute and i love enamelware. i don't, however, have the urge to collect anything except postcards that have been mailed to me. i just don't have the patience to deal with a lot of junk.

    1. PS. If you search ebay for completed auctions of the enamelware, you will get an idea of what the value of the pieces is. Ebay is great for that reason because usually the true value comes out of the auctions because collectors follow the pieces and bid accordingly.

  2. The prices on ebay and etsy are usually very high. It's pretty hard to find CH at thrift stores but it happens. Once in a while you can find a decent deal at a flea market/antique mall (at least you save the shipping cost). Good luck! 🙂

  3. This is new to me. I guess I live under a rock because it's the good 'old, boring, non-stick gray Teflon that sets my heart to pounding. LOL But that fabric IS causing a little bumpity-bump. I hope you find what you're looking for, at an affordable price.

  4. You should come to Sweden and look in the thriftstores here! Enamel was the "ordinary peoples' china" back in the days and you can usually find it to good prices. Might be little chipped but not that it affects the function.

    I have a cast iron pot (big one!) with enamel from Kockums (also Swedish as Cathrineholm is) that i bought at a flee market for 15 dollars…

  5. I love vintage cookware and only pick up pieces at thrift stores when I come across them. The prices online are so high because the sellers know that the items are collected, so they take advantage. I also only buy pieces that I will use as the storage in our kitchen is minimal. I also buy Pyrex for food storage instead of using plastic containers.

    It's hard to find in my area though, as there are a lot of vintage lovers.

    I bought a yard of the colorful navy print too because of my love for it.

  6. I think your mini-quilts are absolutely to die for. How extremely talented you are. I Love the story behind the quilt I saw on Quilt Story, which led me here. I really know all about the pain, struggles and heartbreak. I went through all that for 20 yrs from 1970-1990. They have better methods today but it is all so very hard for those involved in it. I'm glad to read that you have a little girl. I wasn't so lucky. It makes my great-nieces and nephews lucky, spoiled little kids though, who love me very much. Things don't always work out like we want but that's life. Have a very Good Weekend. Cathe

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