Rope Bowls – my new obsession

You guys.  I have a new love.  And it involves clothes line and zig zag stitches….who knew?!

Rope bowl

I’m not here to tell you how to make them. There are tons of pins on pinterest for these and tutorials on you tube. They all do a good job…so just go find those. Try searching under coilbaskets or ropebaskets or ropebowls  or fabric bowls etc. You’ll find them.

Rope bowl

The white basket above is the first basket I made. And I love it. Seriously. Instant fall in love perfection. I’m aiming to keep mine simple for now. I thought I would want to wrap these with fabric because I was seeing some fabulous bowls being made that way. And maybe I still will. But for now I’m really enjoying the texture of the rope.  FYI: the rope I use is clothesline rope that I buy at Joanns. It can be found in the notions aisle near the ironing supplies.

Rope bowl

It wasn’t long before I found myself already wanting to change things up a bit. One bowl in and I was full of ideas! So I found myself dying for the first time. I was happy with how my cording turned out but I’m already ready to try more dying techniques. I just got back from purchasing more cording and two dye packs to see what else I can do.

Rope bowl

This bowl was quite large for me and for my third attempt I wanted to try a smaller one. So I broke into my pretty ombre blue cording again and made another bowl with some little accents.

Rope bowl

It’s the perfect size for holding those little notions while sewing! And here is a closeup of the cording and the zig zag stitching. These bowls take a good amount of thread, so don’t be surprised if you have to refill your bobbin for some of the larger ones.

Rope bowl

I feel like I’ve found a new hobby!  Never mind that it still uses my sewing machine. 😉

22 thoughts on “Rope Bowls – my new obsession”

  1. I have my rope, thread, sewing machine and ideas at the ready to make rope bowls. Now all I need is the time. LOL For now I will enjoy my bowl making vicariously through you.

    It's great you are enjoying the new hobby and exploring ways to expand your creativity.


  2. I didn't even know I needed one of these until I saw yours, Angela! Colors, sewing machine, cute handle, simple shapes, easy embroidery–I'm in 🙂

  3. I used a ? Glow in the dark rope and made a big basket a few years ago I broke a needle because I was using two ropes and they were made of some fabric nylon perhaps that they melted the ends so when I tried to sew over the melted ends the needle snapped. I also used glow in the dark thread. I had thought it would be a fun to use basket to hold the candy for passing out but that was a a failure as it really did glow but only in total darkness

  4. Just beautiful! I just fell in love with bowls, bought a couple at a craft fair, and want to do some myself!! Can’t wait!

  5. I tried dyeing the top when the color was dry I stuck each end I a different color turned out wonderful you would like it great job

  6. I love making them too! I was wondering where you buy the rope, I still haven’t found a more affordable source online. I would appreciate it if you shared your go-to. Thanks

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