Savvy Season Indeed!

It feels a little quieter around the quilting blog world these days. I think everyone is busy in their homes whipping up last minute gifts (if you are like me!) and spending time with family and friends. But I’m still around, so I’ve got to think that there are others out there still reading too.

A couple of days ago I received a lovely package in the mail! My savvy seasons swap package! I was delighted to discover that Kelly/Scrapstudio had me as her partner. I had been admiring all of her creations as she posted them in the group but trying not to get my hopes up. 😉

It all started with this box that held so many scraps I was amazed at how many kept coming out. There are truly precious scraps in there I know so it was very sweet of Kelly to share them with me. And believe it or not folks I don’t think I had any of the fabrics she sent! How is that possible? lol

Savvy Season Indeed!

This darling card (which I forced myself to open before diving into my goodies) is now hanging with all of our Christmas cards. So cute! I want to be one of these ladies.

Savvy Season Indeed!

Oh, but then the fun really began! There was this little handmade bag that was filled with a bag of peppermint hershey’s kisses…but they didn’t manage to make it to the photo shoot…hmmm….where did they go?! 😉 The bag is another perfect Caitlyn sized container for storing “kitchen” food and tools. So off to her play kitchen it quickly went.

Savvy Season Indeed!

You may notice that bag was resting on a pretty table runner. Kelly used a lovely putty sparkly linen and a mod tree design to create a darling and oh so useful decoration. I, in my tiny space, hardly have room to put it out. But I managed to squeeze it in on one of the few surfaces we have. I’m going to show you Kelly’s picture of it though so you can see just how beautiful it will be when I have the space to show it off. Oh and I totally need the pear candles that she has too!

Savvy Season Indeed!
(photo compliments of Kelly)

And then there was this beautiful wall hanging that Kelly made from Nova’s pattern. Eeek! So precious. At first I thought it was a pillow because she had also made a pillow version at some point. But she sweetly told me that she deliberately did NOT send it as a pillow because I had mentioned how much my husband hates pillows. Isn’t that thoughtful?! My husband laughed at that and was quite grateful for one less handmade pillow to toss on the floor. 😉 I couldn’t resist and have this hanging with pushpins on a lonely wall. I just had to put it up!

Savvy Season

I can see us starting traditions of filling it with different items each year. I just love that fun pocket. And Sweetwater is one of my favorite group of designers. Such a win, win!

So I totally lucked out on this swap and am happily enjoying all of my new handmade items that I didn’t make! lol Yay for fun swaps! Thank you so much Kelly!

Savvy Season

14 thoughts on “Savvy Season Indeed!”

  1. Yes, there are still some of us out there reading blogs! Perhaps we're the organized ones! What lovely swaps you have! And I do agree with the pear candles- they set the runner off beautifully! And the card is SO sweet!

  2. Oh wow, that's quite the haul there! Giggling just a bit at the cushion that isn't though :oD Also, I'm quite glad it's quieter, as I can only hop on when I take comfort breaks from the mad pressie making binge ;o)

  3. Those are really beautiful gifts you received. I love what I got from my Savvy Seasons Swap partner too. It was my first swap and a very memorable experience. I will have to look for more swap now. But I wonder how you find ones. I was lucky to find out about the Savvy Seasons when I browsed through Kerrie's blog. 🙂

  4. I am reading blogs too, I shouldn't be with so much to do, but I need to just veg in front of a computer! LOVELY, LOVELY things you receieved! I need that tablerunner! perhaps I should try to make one like it…have a Merry Christmas!!!

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