Sewing Room Redo

I’ve been living with my new sewing room for a week or so now and I’m finally here to share it.  As much as I love certain parts in the room, the overall layout was not working for me.  It became clear that I needed a lot more space to work (that was not my floor!).  Here we are with painter’s tape on the floor trying to plan out the new layout.  You can see that my work space was overflowing…and I think I had cleaned up!

Sewing Room Redo

We decided to move the desk, add in a 10′ long countertop, and convert our old dining room table as new work space.  We put some storage cases as support below the counter top.  And we got them on clearance!   Score!

Sewing Room Redo

It’s going to be good storage for those things I don’t use super often but need space for.  There seems to be a lot of stuff lying around…like batting and such.

Sewing Room Redo

My husband recessed my Janome sewing machine into our old dining room table (no, we haven’t bought a new one yet…one thing at a time).  It’s soooo great to have a handy husband.  He was able to do this whole room in one long afternoon.  We cut the table down to be more ergonomically correct.  And I’m in the process of getting an adjustable chair to help with that as well.

Sewing Room Redo

It’s great.  There is a hole for my knee lift and extra access on the sides to get to all the power buttons etc.  The only thing you can’t do with the machine like this is use the arm for small sewing like sleeves on garments.  But thankfully I have more than one machine. 😉  It’s been amazing to quilt on this.  I’ve already done three quilts and they have remarkably simpler with the large flat surface.  So much better!

Sewing Room Redo

With lots of new space to work, I can spread out my projects.  But here was a moment of cleanliness before I added to it.

Sewing Room Redo

We put my Brother sewing machine on the long counter top, and I had my husband cut out a circle for the power cords so all would be nice and tidy.

Sewing Room Redo

I now have room for all three machines!!  Two sewing machines and a serger!  All in a little u shape just ready for me to work.  I’m just waiting on some caster wheels for hardwood floors for my new rolling chair. Soon I will be rolling from one machine to the next.

Sewing Room Redo

Now to organize it!  Believe it or not there is much left to be organized.  A bookcase full of too many books and a closet stuffed full of supplies.  But it will happen.  Slowly but surely.

36 thoughts on “Sewing Room Redo”

  1. Looks good! I had to check every detail as I will be moving into my new sewing space very soon. My hubby just installed the laminate wood floor tonight (I haven't even seen it yet). Are you saying that one should have special casters on their chairs?? I have a chair at each station in my present room but it is carpeted. Maybe in the new room I will get by with my one WONDERFUL chair.

  2. It's looking great. I'm always envious of people with the room for a dedicated sewing room. I could do this with my dining room which is tiny but that would mean never entertaining and having all meals on my lap on the sofa…which I'm not sure is a good idea long term!

  3. Wow, it looks great! Having an extension table for my Janome has been life changing for me, SO much easier on my arms and hands. Having a recessed situation like that would be wonderful!! I'm going to show that to my husband! 😉

    I've been worried about getting and keeping everything organized when we move into our new house. As excited as I am to have a larger room and one that's downstairs, most days I leave my room such a mess and just shut the door! 🙂

  4. Awesome awesome job!!! I especially love that your husband cut out a hole to recess your sewing machine!!! Seeing your pictures and progress might help me finish my sewing room as well 🙂

  5. Congrats on your beautiful new work space . Tell your hubby I'm very impressed . Looks fab ! Just one tip , get yourself an office mat for rolling over to protect your wooden floors . They are not perfect ( I still have some damage ) but better than where my husband was rolling his over unprotected wood ……now his study needs the floor redone !

  6. Fantastic sewing room!! Question for you or your husband-how is your sewing machine supported under the cutout? And what height did you cut the dining room table down to? I have a table I am using and would like to do exactly what you/your husband did! Thanks!

  7. This room is fantastic! I wish I had more space… and a handy husband to help make me a sewing table, etc. 🙂

    I'm working towards getting that Horizon 7700 – my local shop is going to let me teach classes and that will go towards the purchase of the machine hopefully – step by step 😉

  8. Your room looks great- so functional! I have a section of our basement to work in, but I need to organize the space so it's more efficient. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I am envious of your sewing space AND your handy husband!

    Tip (unsolicited): I have a knee lift on my bernina, and someone suggested I switch to using the foot pedal with my left foot so that I don't accidentally press it while pressing the knee lever. It felt strange for about 3 minutes (or less) and now I can lift with one knee and use the foot pedal with the other. Try it! You won't go back!

  10. Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts

    So exciting to have it in the table and all of that space! I have a knee lift for my machine but never use it… perhaps I should.

  11. That is very very wonderful. I have the Janome 6600 with the table. Once I started with that on the same level…I wondered how I ever did sewing any other way. I am happy for you.

  12. Looks awesome! I have my room set much the same with the table in an "L" and open to the room. I like the ability to get on the other side of the table if needed which I do frequently now that I can. A swivel chair makes turning from sewing machine to serger really quick as I go back and forth constantly when sewing garments. Suggest investing in a very good office chair without arms but has good back support that swivels and rolls. Then add a couple of those clear office chair floor mats (Sam's has them). They are inexpensive and grab the carpet. You won't believe the freedom this gives you to move around in your sewing space.

  13. Congratulations on your new sewing digs! I had three sewing machines for awhile, but my "extra" machine was just sitting in the closet because I didn't have a setup that allowed them all to be out and ready to use all the time, so I sold it on eBay. But I really miss it — if my main machine is set up for a big quilting or embroidery project, it would be so nice to have another machine out for mending or quick little projects. I've been thinking of getting another machine again, but was stumped on how to set my workspace up this time so that everything would be accessible. I wish I could see where you put your cutting table, ironing board, and fabric/notions/supplies in relation to your machines. Are you still loving your new setup?

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