Simply Charming Tablecloth

Oh I didn’t realize that this was going up today! But I have a tablecloth pattern up over at Moda Bake Shop today.

This is a great pattern that only needs 2 charm packs and lets you dive into some fabrics and USE them! I used Liz Scott’s Domestic Bliss line plus a Bella solid and the new grey dottie backing.

simply charming table cloth

349 thoughts on “Simply Charming Tablecloth”

  1. Left a comment- what a great tutorial. I love to wear Sunflowers by Red Door during the summer months, it always reminds me of the great summers I had a child.

  2. I have such a sensitivity to odors, that perfumes usually give me an instant migraine. So alas, I don't use any, and often need to find a seat across the room if someone sits down near me wearing perfume. I love the smells of most, my head just doesn't tolerate them – drats!

  3. I think the perfume I bought (for the first time in YEARS…maybe ever actually…) is Faith Hill's 'True'. I was in Kohls, baby asleep in the stroller (the giant running stroller btw) trying to keep him that way (he's 2…so in a store it's pure torture when he's awake) till Dad was done at a meeting. So there I am wondering around, and I see the perfume aisle. It spoke to me…ok it was actually a Faith Hill song played by the display, but it did 'call-out' to me. I was hooked, and it's nice to have something to put on, even though I only do so when I leave the house/farm. I'm pretty sure it covers the cows, chickens, tractor-y smell I have anyway 🙂

  4. I love the fact that the tablecloth is reversible. I especially like that the corners are mitered so nicely. I left a message at MBS this morning. 🙂 Thank you for the give away!

  5. Angela, I love the Chanel perfumes too! Chance is lovely. If you like that, you might also try Chanel Mademoiselle, but get it in the cologne, not the perfume. It's a bit stronger in the perfume. Now of course, Chanel No. 5 is also one of my favorites. Away from Chanel, I would recommend Marc Jacobs "Daisy Eau So Fresh". I love it. It is a little bit different from his "Daisy" perfume…a bit lighter and fresher. You might try getting some samples and wearing them…I find that perfume/cologne changes on people. What might smell one way on one person, can smell differently on another. Do you have a Nordstrom around you? They are wonderful about giving out samples. 🙂

  6. I left a comment. I love the technique and that is very cool and can be used for other items as well. Thanks! I don't wear perfume. So many in my groups are very sensitive to it. I do use the Bath and Body works and Ulta shower gels and I love the smelly stuff, but not perfume.
    Mary Malone

  7. I did leave a comment on Moda Bake Shop. I asked if I could please have your tablecloth? 🙂 Very pretty and my daughter would love it too. No perfume for me, hubs does not like! Calls it stink water!

  8. I posted a comment on Moda Bake Shop about your awesome tablecloth. I used to work at the women's fragrance counter at our local Herberger's store. What a fun job! I got a chance to try out everything new, and to help others pick out a new fragrance. Chanel Chance is yummy – I remember when that came out. I like fruity cologne like Juicy or Be delicious. My current colone is Body by Burberry, my husband went to Macy's to buy himself a wok and instead came home with perfume for me. What a guy!

  9. elysesusandesign

    My favorite perfume is Jessica Simpson-Fancy. I know it sounds cheezy, but it actually smells reallllly good and is a great summer smell. I have to have a summer and a winter smell! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I left a comment at MBS before coming to your blog to tell you how much I loved your tablecloth. It's so bright and cheery. Thank you.

  11. How funny your favorite is Channel Chance. I just got a sample of that a few months ago and it was one of those nice samples in the small bottle that sprays. I've been hoarding it so I didn't use it up too fast because I just LOVE it. I've tried many others but for the past three years now my favorite has been Armani Code. I really love that. I was thrilled a little more than a year ago when my husband surprised me with a big bottle of that and hand cream in a nice little zip case. I was really disappointed in the cream as it's very much like water and tipping the tube upside down to squeeze some onto my hand allows it to run out like water so I have to be careful and only tip it slightly. But the perfume is now gone and I keep pouting……..LOUDLY…so that he maybe will get the hint I'm OUT and very sad. LOL And now my sample of Chance is gone so I guess I'll have to go buy both of them myself. LOL

  12. I left a comment. I love the colors in this table cloth! Beautiful!! … My favorite scent to smell is: fresh cut grass. But not to wear! 🙂 To wear (which I don't much) are natural scents; such as raspberry, vanilla, cucumber melon, etc. Although I do have a small bottle of "Cool Water" that my husband bought for me before he was my husband. So it's over 12 years old! (That show how seldom I use it!)

  13. Left a comment, what a beautiful cloth!!! I had to smile when you said your favorite is Chanel Chance–ME TOO!!! I love it, I couldn't wear anything else. I get the Chance- Eau Fraiche (in the pretty green bottle)…. I get a bunch of compliments! 🙂