Some more Christmas Sewing

I am as usual going a bit overboard on my projects for my latest swap.  This swap is the savvy season swap on flickr and I love having a focus like the Holidays but the freedom to make whatever I want.   So far I’ve made the apron and given you all a show of a number of blocks that are going into another large project.  Here’s a sneak peak at where those blocks are now.

Some more Christmas Sewing

I still have a lot more work to do on it, but I’m pretty happy with how it is looking.  I’ll do more reveals as I make some more progress.  And I always like to add in a little something if I can to a swap.  So I made a couple of fabric ornaments from the rest of my Kate Spain 12 days of Christmas panel.

Some more Christmas Sewing

The center of each ornament is from the panel and then each side is finished off in a scrappy log cabin style.  A little ribbon and stuffing, and these ornaments are ready for a special tree!  They were definitely fun to make.

Some more Christmas Sewing

I’ve also made a flannel crib sheet for my little gal…it’s getting colder and she doesn’t really use a blanket or anything yet.  So flannel is popping out everywhere around here.  I’ve worked out a tutorial for this sheet, so I’ll post that soon.  Unfortunately I’m not feeling too well right now and I need a little more energy before I type all of that up.  But keep your eyes on a look out for the crib sheet.  I love having home made sheets on my baby’s bed!

I’ve also started an Oliver and S skirt pattern for the girlie and I’ve got all the pieces cut out.  I need to do the markings, but then I can get to the sewing…and that should go pretty quickly.  I hope to give that to her for her birthday!  Along with a fabric doll house and a tulle dress up skirt.  So that’s all on my future radar.  Tis the season for lots of sewing!!

10 thoughts on “Some more Christmas Sewing”

  1. Oh! I love how the 12 days project is coming out. Is it a "___?" I have an idea but will keep it to myself until you reveal. 🙂 You cleverly used the scraps of the panel on those cute ornaments! Hope you feel better!

  2. Pretty stuff, Angela! I love your twelve days of Christmas project – – – just gorgeous! And I can't wait for your sheet tutorial – my daughter wants to make some crib sheets, so your timing is perfect! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

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