Back to work! LOL

Well, I hope that everyone has had a lovely holiday and is still enjoying them. We stayed at our own home this year for Christmas to do presents with Caitlyn and be as laid back as possible (which given the personality types in this house can be difficult sometimes. LOL) We didn’t have a bunch […]

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Work work work…

Well I’ve been sewing every day I think and I still have a mountainous pile of things to get done…quilts to finish and start! Clothes to make and mend… Bee blocks to send out…swaps to finish. Oh, the craziness of my sewing world. In fact, it’s gotten so crazy that my husband and I have

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One block done

I finally got to a little sewing. I’ve been so busy with life…agh…that I haven’t been able to sew much yet. But I was able to make one block today. It doesn’t look like too much but it’s always surprising how much time even a simple block like this takes. This block is another house

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The new house on the block

Gretchen had us make tiny house blocks for our last month of Bee Modern (don’t worry…many of us are moving on to Bee Modern Too)…a little bittersweet to be ending my first year long (and then some) commitment to a bee, but it was such a fun type of block to make. She sent us

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