What’s on the Design Wall Today?

So I have been working away, but I’m tackling lots of projects and ideas at once, so progress in anyone looks a bit slow to me.  But my design wall is COVERED with fabric right now for so many things.  Here’s a little glimpse.

What's on the Design Wall Today

You can see my Bottled Rainbow blocks up there.  Yum!  They make me very happy!  My almost finished first row of the rainbow zig zag quilt I am making for our quilt along here is up there as well.  The rest of that quilt is strewn about throughout the sewing room.  I think it will come together pretty quickly. (Oh yesterday I even made a blog button for the quilt along.  But more info on that later!)

There’s a blank spot on the wall because for some reason I had pulled off the pieces of my doll quilt already and had them on the floor.  But they really need to be on the wall to keep them out of the way.

What's on the Design Wall Today

And what is that other project?  The one that has mysteriously appeared and is covering the whole right side of the wall?

What's on the Design Wall Today

Well, that is my second oldest project that I have hanging around in my sewing room just waiting to be completed.  It is all from my very first swap, a row robin swap from about 3 years ago or so.  Maybe 4.  I have very mixed feelings about this swap which is partially why I have never finished it.  But I’m going to let those go and tackle this again.

What's on the Design Wall Today

Those are some fabrics that will be used in sashing or binding or backing.  I also have a fifth row that I am making because I (gasp!) THREW OUT one of the rows I received.  Yup.  I did.  Not going to apologize for it.  Long story, bad row…enough said.

But I will be replacing it with some (hopefully) fabulous blocks that I make that are whole pieced circles.  I’ve been meaning to write up that tutorial for you all on pieced circles ever since I made these blocks and others months ago…

What's on the Design Wall Today

So be on the lookout, because in the next couple of days I will have that tutorial up for you all.  I will be showing you some different centers, but it’s the basic technique that matters. 😉

Just another look at the wall…

What's on the Design Wall Today

Must get to work…but first I have to get the little girlie.  She’s letting me know that she’s ready. 😉

20 thoughts on “What’s on the Design Wall Today?”

  1. LOVE your design wall! Love it! Love all your projects!! Intrigued with the circles. I like that they are drunkard's path? and then the white circles with the negative of the drunkard's path? Very cool! Four years old? Come and join my club! LOL! Am even more intrigued with the pieced circles! I'll be waiting with bated breath! Great job!

  2. Wow. So much gorgeousness going on!! I love the colors you used for that super-duper old project, I've never heard of a row-robin swap, but it sounds like a great idea. Your DQS quilt looks just stunning, too! Not like I'm surprised, though 🙂

  3. So… my row is still on the design wall. I thought it might be gone. 🙂

    I will be removing a row from my Row Robin Swap too. I need to finish that myself!


  4. Blue/green is one of my favorite color combination and has been for about 35 years. I guess it says forest and water to me. I love all the quilt on your wall and the doll quilt is so charming.

  5. Angela, here I thought I had alot going on but your design wall is working hard seemingly just to keep up with you! LOL love the rainbow theme, I wonder have you come to the end of the yellow brick road yet or met Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee along the way? In any case, love it all those color combinations are fantastic. Love the Fabric folding tutorial too!

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