Working my Way back to you

I’ve been going slow with projects lately…taking my time and not getting over committed.  And that’s been good.  But I have this craving to work on a quilt…and I feel like another quilt along might be in order soon.  So…decisions decisions.

I have a book coming out soon…wait and see if anyone wants to quilt along with one of the patterns? But then I can’t share dimensions and such and you would all have to order the book (but of course you were going to do that anyway right? lol )

A Quilter's Mixology

The super Mario Brothers Quilt is hugely popular and gets a lot of interest from people…so do we tackle another iconic image?  In which case, what?!

quilt projects

I love the Quiet Log Cabin Quilt I did and I think there was interest in making a quilt like that.  It’s timeless and anyone can use their stash to make it.

quilt projects

And then there is this new quilt that a friend found on Pinterest that I want to draw up in EQ and come up with directions for.  I wouldn’t ever publish that because it is not my design, but it could be a great quilt along if others are interested.

quilt projects

Thoughts? Too busy?  I need a reality check and no one is doing quilt alongs anymore? You want to do every idea and wish we had already started?

Oh and I finished up the O Holy Night Paper Piecing Project…well the main top at least.  And I love it!  And thanks to a suggestion here I’m most tempted to figure out how to turn it into an advent calendar.  I love adding extra function and I think that would keep it as an heirloom that we SEE and use every year.  (And can I just say that I am SO on top of Christmas this year! lol)

quilt projects

quilt projects

34 thoughts on “Working my Way back to you”

  1. I love my SMB quilt and would try any QAL you set up! That cross quilt is beautiful. I've been looking for a design for my mom and that fits the bill perfectly.

  2. I'm participating in "The Sassy Quilters Triangle Quilt Along" right now and I think if you do The Quiet Cabin Quilt I will be right with you. I love it!

  3. I believe you are right Angela, QALs have slowed down a bit. If you go with the Quite Log Cabin you will not loose. Especially this time of year when everything is in transition, and people are finding themselves super busy. Something simple and easy is just the thing.

    Shout out to Robin Correa…I was thinking the same thing too! That might be a great summer project like the Super Mario Brothers QAL.

  4. I adore QALs. I like the idea of the book but love the idea of the log cabin. With the many many quilts I've made I've actially never made one of this which is funny because I've done a double wedding ring.

  5. Quilt alongs aren't out of date. I just finished one, and am in the middle of two more. The Triangle Quilt along seems to have about 100 participants. I would like to do a quilt along, but I would like to do a paper pieced quilt or wall hanging. Your Christmas one is beautiful, but I wouldn't want to do that. I'm already doing two "picture" type paper pieced quilt alongs. It would be cool to do a paper pieced block quilt, if you understand what I mean.

  6. I vote for the cover quilt of your book-I'm in love with it already. Your nativity scene turned out gorgeous. I'm going to have to find this because it would be perfect for my mother-in-law and my husband's aunt for Christmas.

    1. Pixelated Quilts are a lot of fun. I have all of the directions for the Mario blocks still up. You could always give one block a try to see if you like the idea…that way you can make the pieces a bit larger.

  7. I would love to do the quiet log cabin. Not too difficult and it can be made in just about any size depending on how much time each person has.

  8. i just finished a quilt along…would love to do another. Seeing the Mario quilt makes me think how much my boys would love a Minecraft quilt. However, I would much rather do your Quiet Log Cabin. Love it.

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