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It’s so close!  Sweet Celebrations, Moda Bakeshop’s second book, is almost here.  And I’m lucky enough to be a part of it!  My quilt (that I can’t show you yet) is Christmas themed.  And I like to think that it is Holiday Fun without being over the top.  But you tell me when you see it. 😉  Since this is a bakeshop quilt, obviously it was made with precuts.  And I loved using a few layer cakes of neutral Bella solids in combination with a mix of fat quarters from all kinds of designers.  And yes, I did my own quilting on that thing…I think it was 14 bobbins I went through?!
Oda May, Moda’s hard hitting journalist, sent me a few questions to answer so you all can get to know me a bit better.  If you are a regular reader, some of these may be old news to you.  But if you are new (first of all, welcome!) you may be at least slightly amused by me.
OM: Do you prefer a corner piece or a center piece when eating cake? Or do you not like to discriminate?
Angela: It depends on how good the frosting is!  If it is light and fluffy and made with almond flavoring then I will most definitely take a corner piece.  Yum.  Otherwise, I’m not too picky….well I am but I try not to be. 😉
OM: Tell us about your favorite apron.
Angela:  Well….I wasn’t going to bring it up, but I am kind of partial to this certain Apron I made for a certain competition *cough…the Moda Bakeshop Sliced Competition*.  It’s hanging in my kitchen now and I’ll be sure to wear it this holiday season for serving cocktails to my guests.  I love how it’s dressy but still an apron.  I just love aprons that look like clothing.
OM: How do you press your seams?
Angela:  I was once a die hard press your seams to one side kind of gal.  But now I’ve learned that sometimes it is better to press them to the side and sometimes it is better to press them open.  Either way, I’m very thoughtful about them.  When I have a lot of seams that meet at a point, I tend to press them open.  When I have a lot of blocks to sew together, I press to one side but I am sure to alternate my seams so they butt up together and have less bulk.
OM: Do your pets/kids/spouse help or hinder your creative process?
Angela:  Uhm…yes?  Often!  Both.  I have a husband, a two year old and a cat and between the three, I’m lucky to get some time to sew.  As you might expect both the cat and the two year old are drawn to anything fabric and sparkly.  And my husband just wants my time (can’t blame him!).  But in the end, they are the greatest inspiration.  I doubt I would have made this backpack without the inspiration of an adorable toddler to wear it.  (And I’m happy to say that she uses it all the time for preschool!)
OM: If you could have a quilt shop spree, which items would you snag off the shelf?
Angela:  Is that a trick question?  EVERYTHING!!

And in keeping with the Bakeshop and Celebration theme, here is a recipe (a food one!) that we make every year especially at Christmas.  It’s the perfect, make ahead, bake and bring to a party kind of food.  It truly is scrumptious.

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  1. An orange in the stocking – that's a family tradition since the town they had a hand in founding was an Orange mecca of southern California. I've never had a Christmas without a stocking and never a stocking without an orange!

  2. Tenho as melhores dos NATAIS na casa de minha avó,toda família reunida e 28 primos,auto de natal,igreja e depois presentes brinquedos e um corte de tecido para cada neto(venho de uma família de costureiras de vestuário).O ponto máximo para mim era escolher a tia que faria a minha roupa,para ser usada no dia 1 de janeiro.Quase todos escolhia minha tia Carmela(Neném para nós).Hoje ela está com 85 anos.Obrigada pela oferta,sou brasileira.


  3. Believe it or not my favorite part is the cooking. I feel like I'm giving a part of myself to my family when I cook them a traditional (or what's traditional for us) dinner. I love having everyone together.

  4. For as long as I have been married, we have celebrated Christmas Eve with my hubbys family. It's a large gathering of siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and even friends join in. This will be the first Christmas since my sweet mother in love has passed away, so it is going to be a different type of celebration this year. We will be rejoicing in knowing that my MIL is no longer in pain and is celebrating Christmas in her Heavenly home.

  5. For Christmas, when the kids are heading home, I always bake cookies for the kiddos. The house smells sweet and we end up staying up all nite when they arrive home. Always tired! On Christmas Eve, my WDH has the pit going with Turkey rolls and smoke turkey and never turns off until everyone leaves for home. Lot of cooking over the holidays. I am always requested to make a batch of white trash mix to take home. Also my dump cake (apple my favorite). But my fav is when my mom has tamales and hot chocolate after midnite mass. Thanks for sharing with us…Judith, Texas

  6. My favorite traditions revolve around food. We always make the same desserts for Christmas and my family really looks forward to it. Some of them are ones I only make on holidays so they are extra special.

  7. Our favourite Christmas tradition is to watch the Christmas Vacation movie with Chevy Chase….doesn't matter how many years we watch it, it always brings a laugh!…sets the Christmas tone…..timeless!

  8. My favorite Christmas tradition is a family dinner at my sister's with twenty some people in attendance…beef tenderloin with a scrumptious sauce! Dinner is followed with a visit from Santa and a gift exchange for the children.

  9. My favorite Christmas tradition started about 18 years ago on Christmas Eve. We had moved to a new city and didn't know anyone but my sister and her family but they had plans on Christmas Eve so the four of us went out to a movie and dinner and then midnight servies at church. Well we have kept up the tradition of a movie and dinner. Now we live in PODUNK and the movie choices are very limited on Christmas Eve, well as a matter of fact so are the dinner choices! LOL! But all four of us look forward to this ritual. Our little church does not have a midnight service.

  10. Christmas Eve we go to the midnight service at our local church (it's next door to my house!) then back here for a glass or two of sloe gin!

  11. On Christmas eve its always new pyjamas and a small present which is a Christmas book to read before bed to try and calm the excitement of my trio!

  12. We always have the kids open a present from us (and when they were little their Santa Shop gifts from school to each other) on Christmas Eve. It also seems no matter how old the kids get (they are now 15, 17 & 20) someone is always up by 4:30. The excitement lives in our house no matter what age we are. Thanks for the chance.

  13. We always attended a live performance of the ballet The Nutcracker when my kids where kids. Now they are adults and it's been difficult to do as a family every year because they are spread out in different places. But I'm now blessed with grandchildren and next year I think my grand daughter will be old enough to enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful ballet.

  14. I am really looking forward to Christmas this year. My favourite tradition is the decorations, advent calendar and the music. We start putting up decorations in the beginning of December. And we start listening to Christmas carols and music very early on. I'm feeling nostalgic already!

  15. Living in the Netherlands my favorite winter celebration is 'Sinterklaasavond' (Saint Nicolas evening)on the 5th of December. Presents, surprises, poems, special candy… The weeks before, when Sinterklaas already has arrived by steamboat, I like even more. The suspense, television shows with Sinterklaas… Wonderful!

  16. my favorite tradition is Christmas tree decorations and Christmas lunch with all the family, kids just love this so much!
    thank you so much for this opportunity, I live in Italy so I run for the e-book

  17. In the winter the Cleveland Botanical Garden holds an annual orchid show. It's so nice, in the dead of winter, to visit the show and feel you're in a tropical paradise! Thanks for sharing with us!

  18. We love to bake all kinds of cookies but because I have all boys (5 of them,) I HAVE to make gingerbread boys! We usually do a gingerbread house too but that isn't a HAVE to.

  19. I live alone, no husband, no children…so on Christmas morning I stay in my pajamas, drink a lot of coffee and put together a puzzle all day….usually one I receive as a present. Thanks for being so generous.

  20. On Christmas morning my family gets together and we have all breakfast type foods & casseroles. It's so good. Thx for the chance – great giveaway!

    nicoleg0 at hotmail

  21. We don't celebrate Christmas but we love all the Christmas lights. My kids are little – 6, 4 and 2. On New Year's Eve we get everyone in pajamas, drive through Wendy's for Frostys (a VERY unusual treat for my kids) and drive around looking at the pretty lights 🙂

  22. For Christmas we get together at my sister-in-law's house (she's the only one with kids). She cooks something fantastic; and I bring lots of cookies. Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. I don't think we really have "tradition" for Christmas or other Holidays any more. With grown children who live some distance away who also have varied work schedules, "tradition" is what we make it for the current year. We have a little granddaughter, 2 years old, so I definitely think that "tradition" now follows our little peanut. Whenever we can all get together – that is the tradition. Debbie gregndeb@amerytel.net

  24. My favorite part is Christmas Eve Childrens program at church. My grandkids are no longer part of it as they have grown up too much but it is always so cute. Then, it is back to our house for a nice meal and games and singing.

  25. When I was growing up, we always got to open 1 present on Christmas Eve and that's what I did with my daughter. Now she's grown and lives in another state and comes home usually the week before Christmas.

  26. My favorite Christmas tradition is the TREE. Other traditions come and go, but the Christmas tree is always the centerpiece, decorated with memories.

  27. My favorite Christmas tradition was from when I was growing up. We would go to Grandma #1's on Christmas Eve, come home and Tadaa Sanda had come while we were gone. We opened presents. Then on Christmas Day we went to Grandma #2's house. These days we have all moved across the country and live so far away it isn't possible to keep that tradition going. It is sad because it was my favorite. It is what happens when you marry a military man.

  28. When the kiddos where tiny we would go to Christmas Eve service. Come home have hotdogs and chips with soda (all of which were treats) Then my husband would read the Christmas story and we would all talk about it. I had make a lamb cake. We would sing happy birthay to Jesus. Have fun eating our cake. Then open gifts from under the tree.

  29. We have so many but I guess my favorite is eating our traditional Christmas breakfast (starring homemade cinnamon rolls!) around the tree and listening to my husband read the Christmas story from Luke, chapter 2. I love looking around the room and seeing these faces I love most in the world reflecting the twinkling lights from the tree and listening with rapt attention to the ancient story of God's greatest gift. Would love to be entered in your giveaway!

  30. The family decorating the Christmas tree together — that's been one of our traditions since I can remember. soparkaveataoldotcom

  31. ON Christmas Eve, we go to church,then take the long way home to look at the decorations in the area. Once home, we put out Jello Jigglers for Santa, read the story of the Nativity from the Bible, then The Night Before Christmas. Our boys are now in their 20s and they still want to do these things on Christmas Eve.

  32. I like getting up on Christmas morning and opening up presents, sitting around with a cup of coffee in the pj's. Even with no children, my husband & I carry on this tradition. My husband is a big kid and usually begs to open "just one" on Christmas Eve.

  33. This looks like a great book, thanks for a chance at winning it. I make cinnamon rolls every Christmas Eve, and let them slow rise in the fridge. So come morning time, I pop them in the oven and we have cinnamon rolls for breakfast…after the kids make a mess with wrapping and bows 🙂

  34. Christmas morning coffee cake and opening of gifts from Santa. We open our gifts to each other Christmas Eve after a dinner of Prime Rib and crab:)

  35. As my kids were growing up, we had the tradition of having homemade pizza on Christmas Eve after church. Now that they are grown and married they spend Christmas Eve with their in-laws but we still have pizza sometime when they are home over the holiday.

  36. we don't have a christmas budget– we have a size limit at our house– if it fits in the stocking you can give it… now mind you i have made huge stockings for our family but it's so fun to stuff them with unexpected goodies each year

  37. Our favorite family tradition is the annual Christmas Eve "program." It started when the kids were 4, 5, 6 or so with all four of them portraying Mary and Joseph, Angel, and wiseman. It continued thru the years and now they are 20-somethings who look forward to picking songs, readings, musical renditions, etc. to make the eagerly anticipated program a success each year. I can't wait to see what's in store for this year.

  38. Thanks for the recipe and giveaway!!! My favorite Christmas tradition is traveling back to Ohio from whichever state we currently live (we're military and move A LOT) to spend time with our families. My husband's grandma makes a traditional German meal (rouladen and spaetzle) every year for Christmas eve… YUM!

  39. A white stocking- we have one hanging in our family room and every year, at the beginning of December, we write what gift we will give Christ. A good way to focus on being kind to others, giving service, sharing a talent, something like that. On Christmas Eve, we look at our cards and see how we did, and if we are happy with our gifts. It helps us stay more focused on the true meaning of the holiday 🙂 We love it!

  40. At my mom's house my sister and I each get to open one present on Christmas Eve (I say this in the present tense because, even though I'm in my 30s, this is something we still do). Anyway, my mom gives us matching Christmas pajamas every year, and then we wear them to bed on Christmas Eve so that we can hang out wearing them all morning Christmas morning. I love that tradition and will definitely be continuing it with my daughter.

  41. The family dinner meal! I love to cook and the last year the teenagers participate in cooking a part of the meal, it's a happy time when we look for recipes and prepare together in the kitchen, singing along with the radio on full blast!

  42. How to pick just one tradition. There are so many wonderful things – hunting for and finding the perfect tree, listening to Christmas music, all the yummy food, time spent with family and close friends to name a few.

  43. My favorite Christmas tradition is reading stories daily through December from our "Christmas Book" about how to become better people through the lives of others. That and watching the Christmas Devotional broadcast from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Someday I plan to go and watch it in person.

  44. Every Christmas Eve my family gets together – cousins, etc. – and we have a white elephant exchange with a gift for $10. It is always so funny to watch people steal a $10 Starbucks card from their mother/father or great aunt. I know it probably doesn't sound entertaining or something to resemble a favorite memory, but there's the ending — using 3 or so of the 35 gifts end up back in the exchange the next year (the ones that were fought over the most) and the great aunt or dad usually ends up with his/her stolen gift from the thief anyway. Lots of laughs, hugs, and tears because everyone's all together and forgetting about life for just a few hours. Merry Christmas!

  45. We have 25 Christmas themed books that I wrap each year. Starting December 1st, we open them one per night and read the new story before bed. I started this years ago and in the beginning, I had only a few books. To stretch my collection I wrapped some library books to help me get to 25. Over time, I have bought new ones and also retired a few that my children have aged out of. It's a tradition that we all love.

  46. Last year we started a new tradition of buying only one present. We drew for names between the 6 of us,( mom, dad, daughter, fiancee, son, and girlfriend). It was great to spend time together and have a little something to open. Terri U in Nebraska

  47. We have our big family dinner on Christmas Eve but at some point when I was young we started getting Chinese food on Christmas night and 50 years later, that is definitely the whole family's favorite tradition.

  48. My favorite family tradition is celebrating the arrival of Sinter Klaas around Dec. 5 with finger foods for supper and a mix of serious and silly gifts accompanied by ridiculous home-written poems.

  49. Last year was the first year we did it but I think it will be continued for years to come. I wrapped 24 Christmas books and each night before bed the kids picked one book and we all read it together. It was a nice countdown for them and I loved the snuggling before bed reading!


  50. When I was growing up, on Christmas morning my mother would get up before the children to start coffee and put trays of blueberry muffins in the oven. The muffins would be finished while we were unwrapping gifts and we would munch on them with hot chocolate as we took turns watching each other unwrap gifts. It is a tradition that my siblings and I have continued. Christmas morning isn't "right" until the blueberry muffins are served!

  51. My favorite Christmas tradition is putting up the nativity scene. It's been in our family for decades, and it always brings me back to the real reason we celebrate Christmas!

  52. Christmas Eve is always share with my Mom. My sister's family and my family get together to do potluck, have a glass of wine, share stories and then unwrap presents. It usually involves a copy of hours but she is your mother and this seems to matter to her the most. We were unwrapping presents one at a time, in a circle. However, the rest of us have decided this was taking too much time and we now get to open presents all together;still, one present a piece. Thank you for the chance to win that awesome book along with Moda's layer cake. I think however wins this already has a quilt in mind.

    Sandi T.

  53. My favoritr Christmas tradition is the "oatmeal bar" my family makes. On Christmas Eve I put oatmeal in the slow cooker, and then we set up lots of toppings on Christmas morning. Thanks for the chance to win!

  54. Hmm….My favorite holiday tradition would be baking my mum's shortbread cookies, and cooking our turkey dinner – turkey always cooked the same way (spiced butter rub under the breast skin, turkey cooked upside down (breast down), stuffed!), mashed potatoes, carrots, turnips, GRAVY!, rolls, pumpkin pie, YUM!!! Can't wait!!

  55. Our big tradition is Christmas music – my husband loves to have it playing in the background while we're doing things around the house. Last year we went to a record resale shop and found a lot of the albums he listened to as a child and bought them. Thanks for the give away!

  56. My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the tree each year. I love unwrapping the ornaments and reminiscing about each one–who made it, who gave it to us, or where we purchased it. They all have a story to tell and they are great memories.

  57. fav tradition is making city chicken with my mom. It's our Christmas dinner and we only get it once a year so it's always fun to make & eat!

  58. We love to go out on Christmas Eve and look at the stars with tons of quilts and cocoa and imagine what it must have been like to be a shepherd when all those angels showed up while they were watching their sheep.

    sowingstitches [at] yahoo [dot] com

  59. My family always went out to eat Chinese food after the Christmas Eve service at our church, when I was growing up. We went with another family. I live many states away, and have been married for 25 years, but, we eat Chinese after the church's Christmas Eve.

  60. My favorite holiday tradition is getting together with extended family on Christmas Eve, eating good food, and doing a nativity. It's always crazy, but so fun!

  61. We usually attend Church at the 11:00 pm service and then drive around town and
    look at all the Christmas lights. Then spend Christmas day with family and share
    food and gifts.

  62. Favorite Christmas tradition is family brunch on Christmas morning and the afternoon is spent visiting and grazing/snacking – no big dinners as I also like to enjoy the day. Another tradition is we address our Christmas cards during the week before New Year's when we have more time and can make more thoughtful comments. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to win this fabulous book. Judy C in NC

  63. My favorite holiday tradition started my freshman year of college. I host an annual gingerbread house making, latke eating, dreidel playing party. It always takes me back to those days in elementary school making gingerbread houses with milk cartons and graham crakers (we still use the graham crackers – I'm too lazy to try to make gingerbread).

  64. My only grandparent passed when I was 5. So my Moms oldest sister (who was 17 years older than her) has had us over to her house for Christmas Eve ever since. Mom has been gone for 8 years now and I still take my kids to Aunt Ritas every year for Chili and oyster stew. And of course Uncle Bob is STILL trying to got me to try an oyster eveery year! Yuck! LOL.

  65. My favorite Christmas tradition is having the kids (ages 32 and 29 now), open one present on Christmas Eve. And it's always socks! Everyone always knows its socks, but we do it anyway, and make a silly big deal out of getting to open the one present. That makes me smile just thinking of it – thanks!

  66. We don't really have any traditions per se, but hubby & I have always made sure that Christmas day was a relaxing, no rushed day for the kidlets.
    Thanks so much for a chance at the give-away!
    mgw070 at shaw dot ca

  67. I love baking cookies. The aprons in this book would be so nice wrapped around some homemade cookies.
    marilyn2222 @ hotmail.com

  68. My favorite Christmas tradition is giving my kids Christmas p.j.'s. Even now, that they are all young adults, they look forward to opening their Christmas p.j.'s on Christmas Eve.

  69. My favorite Christmas tradition is going to the Christmas Eve service at our church. I LOVE the music and the candle lighting ceremony. It is really special! Thank you for the recipe and for the chance to win!!

  70. For me it was decking out the house, baking, and fixing the dinner. At my house everyone was welcome to come over. We had friends and coworkers that had family out of state, or no family. So if they couldn't make it home they were welcome at my house. Couldn't stand the thought of someone not having Christmas dinner or spend it alone. I loved having everyone over.

  71. Our family tradition–no matter how old the person, we still hang stockings that were made by needlepoint from my sister-in-law Robin. Santa fills them with something special for each person.

    Thanks for participating in the Moda blog. And thank you for your Bake Shop designs. Looking forward to the Sweet Celebrations book.

  72. Before my children grew up and moved out, they'd all pile on my bed Christmas morning to open their stockings. I think we had more fun doing that than opening the gifts under the tree. And I had to serve "Christmas breakfast", a special recipe that we only had that day.

  73. My favorite Christmas tradition is just being with family. We've tried to start different ones like a gingerbread house decorating contest, or yearly family pictures, but nothing seems to stick!

  74. Christmas mornings! It's just my husband and our three sons (all grown and on their own now). We go to Christmas Mass then come home to open presents. We have a non-traditional Christmas lunch – sometimes with my parents as guests, sometimes just us. We've had cornish hens, steaks, pork roast, whatever sounds good. We eat at the dining room table with the good china and it's truly special.

  75. My favourite holiday tradition is seeing the kids all at one time!
    I just adore your backpack you made! One day I hope to have enough skill to be able to make things like that too. Wonderful work.

  76. My favorite Christmas tradition…too hard to choose one!! I guess my favorite is baking sugar cookies with my daughter to leave for Santa. This year, we will have to teach her new baby sister!

  77. My favorite holiday traditions always have to do with food! my family always eats clam chowder and ham salad sandwiches on Christmas Eve before Christmas Eve service!

    mrsrachelsbooth (at) gmail (dot) com

  78. My favorite Christmas tradition is a (relatively) new one. My In-laws have a Christmas Eve gathering, with tons of good food – Tamales, Green Chili, empenadas (sure I spelled that wrong!), and lots of other great Mexican food. All the cousins get together and we open presents from that side of the family.

    If you ask my kids, their favorite tradition is the Advent Calendar.

  79. Would love to see that apron. My family Christmas tradition is to get togeather for dinner on Christmas Eve and have dinner (Ham) and after dinner Santa comes th all the good little children and brings them a small gift. I'm 62 this has gone on since I was a small child.

  80. Since he was a little boy, my son & I would tromp thru the woods near our house to cut & bring home our Christmas tree. As the years went on, we had to tromp further & further! He is 36 now but the tradition has changed a little. When he bought a home 10 years ago, it had a large evergreen plantation on it! So now we don't need to walk very far to keep up our tradition! Great blog hop – thanks.

  81. My favorite tradition is making gingerbread houses over the Thanksgiving break. Everyone gets their own board. They get a box of Graham crackers. And I bring out a big basket of goodies to decorate. They get all the icing the want!

  82. We love to kick off the Christmas season with an old fashioned country Christmas event at a small town about 1 1/2 hours from our home. We live in the city so it's a great way to get away and enjoy the small town atmosphere. On Christmas Eve we would bake and decorate cookies for Santa even though my kids are older now, they still love to do
    it 🙂

  83. We love making Christmas caramels in all different flavors – root beer, licorice, buttered rum, huckleberry, peppermint, etc. It sounds crazy, but so good, then we take lots of them to family and friends and eat plenty for ourselves too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. Visiting family and doing their traditions would be usual for us, but this year will be our first christmas without any extended family, so perhaps we will have to start some new traditions. 🙂

  85. Every Christmas, my sisters and I and all our families, get together at my Mom and Dad's. Mom' house is always filled to the brim with Christmas– every room is decorated beautifully! The moment you walk in the door, you're greeted by the delicious aroma of turkey, dressing, ham, sweet potato casserole, and more extras than the counters can hold.. After we eat all that deliciousness, we move to the living room for the real fun— Dirty Santa. Everyone brings a $10 item–some naughty, some funny, some REALLY nice (it's amazing what you can find for $10 when you're on the lookout all year long! ) and the fun ensues.. There's always a gift or two that gets stolen a few times.. This game has become a real part of our family tradition, and is always tons of fun!

    Thank you so much for the chance to win!!! Merry Christmas! 😉

  86. My favorite tradition is gathering together to hang ornamanets on the tree. We all have favorites and many are from past vacations or commerate special events. It is a joyous time for all. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  87. My favorite Christmas tradition is decorating the tree and enjoying it every night with my family, especially when we're watching all the holiday specials and movies together. Thanks for the recipe!

  88. FYI: I just love this blog hop. One of the holdiay things we do is on Halloween. We live out in the country so we don't have any ghost/gobblings show up for treats. So we go into town and go to the mall to see some of the little people all dressed up. I like to decorate for the holidays with my quilted wall hanging. My favorite winter hangings are of snowmen. Thanks for doing the blog hop.

  89. I love all of our family together, so many kids running around playing… Appetizers instead of a big dinner on Christmas Eve. Reading the Christmas Story from the Bible together and then opening gifts. Waking up all together on Christmas morning and eating Cranberry Muffins with Caramel sauce for Breakfast and then preparing Christmas dinner together… And even more family showing up!

  90. Christmas – without a doubt! Even though it seems harder and harder to get the whole gang together to celebrate! I love every moment – the kids – the food – the quiet time (wait, what quiet time?) It is my very favorite holiday!

  91. My favorite Christmas tradition is making fried okra with my grandmother. She is no longer with us, but we keep the tradition alive every year. Her okra was always better, but I'll continue to work until mine is just as good 🙂 I also really enjoy driving around with my family on Christmas Eve Eve (2 days before Christmas…) to look at all of the lights. We save Christmas Eve for game night 🙂

  92. It is all about getting together. With a couple of my girls it is only every second year we get together on Christmas Day.We do have to share with the inlaws. I use to always let my girls open one gift Christmas Eve and of course it was always a pair of P.J.'s and even though they now have children of their own They still get those P.J.s at some point.

  93. We always celebrate St. Lucias day on Dec 13 since I am a Finn/Swede and we give each other a little gifts and make cinn. rolls and hot cocoa and coffee. Nice way to wave in the holiday season! thanks!

  94. We always put the elf called Christopher on the tree first because on my parents first Christmas together, he was all that made it on the tree before they got the phone call that my Grandma had died and they had to rush out of town.

  95. My favorite Christmas tradition actually happens on January 6th, Fest of the Epiphany or "Little Christmas." When my boys were at home I would put a small wrapped gift by their dinner plates that night as a symbol of the end of the Christmas Season (the 12th Day of Christmas). Now I get to start it all over again with my grandchildren! Thanks for the interesting post!

  96. I like to put up a felt advent calendar – it's a Christmas tree, and we add a felt ornament every dat – I made it when the kids were toddlers, and twenty-some years later… I still put it up!

  97. I like to try to put up the tree right after Thanksgiving, so I have more time to enjoy it. We also enjoy gathering with my husband's family each Christmas Eve for dinner. It's nice to catch up with family members we don't see often or who live out of town. Thanks! raybanfandango at hotmail dot com

  98. My favorite Christmas tradition is having my children, grandchildren, Mom & Dad for dinner Christmas Eve. My grand daughters hand out the presents and we just enjoy each others company so much. Love this book!

  99. My husband and I have started watching It's a Wonderful Life every year on Christmas Eve. We're still setting up our own traditions!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  100. I just love spending time with family at the holidays. We share good food and tell funny stories of "the good old days". It's always a special time. Thanks for the chance to win!

  101. I have 15 grandchildren scattered across the US and the oldest is now 28 yrs old. I make each of them a Christmas ornament and tag it with the year. They each now have a collection of my ornaments and their parents tell me they always have to put them on the tree themselves.This makes me feel closer to them over the holidays.

  102. I enjoy seeing the tree and house become decorated with angels and nativity sets and remembrances of the real reason for the season – Jesus.

  103. My fave tradition is going to Grandmas for Christmas. We go a few days early and spend the night. One day we bake cookies and the other we make ornaments or other xmas related crafts. The night before Christmas Eve we get to open one present and take lots of photos in our pj's. Christmas eve morning is our christmas day with grandma (we do christmas day at home). We have a huge breakfast with the whole family, eggs, sausage, bagles, lachs (spl?), cream cheese, coffee, and orange juoce. Every year. This year there will be 2 married grandkids joining the celebration. Myself (married Sept 18 2011) and my brother (This OCT 28th!!!). Supper exciting!

  104. Quilts Sew Shabby

    My favorite Christmas tradition is when the kids and grandkids come over to open presents and we all have dinner together. Thanks for the wonderful recipe and the chance to win!

  105. We would always go to one of the local church's Christmas programs. It just meant Christmas to me and the start of the season. Since we have moved, we'll have to find a new program to go see.

  106. My first baby girl will be a toddler this Christmas. I am just excited about the "wake up and rip open gifts" tradition! Nothing beats Christmas through a child's eyes! I can't wait!

  107. Both my husband and I have very few relatives surviving with whom to spend the holidays with. We also have a number of friends who are either in the same situation, or aren't comfortable spending the holidays with their families for various reasons.

    Our tradition has been to host holiday potlucks for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, so that no one has to be alone.

  108. My favorite Christmas tradition growing up was opening our stockings on our parent's bed. My dad would get the coffee going, take a picture of the tree, and then retrieve the stockings while all 4 kids waited patiently on the bed. I'm not sure why it's so endearing to me but I look back and laugh at the thought of four young adults/teenagers piled on their parent's bed waiting to open their Christmas stockings from Santa. 🙂

  109. My favorite Christmas tradition is folding German paper stars to hang on the tree every year.
    Thanks for the chance to win. I can't wait to get a copy of the book!

  110. When the family gets together on Christmas Eve. you don't have to ask what time" Everyone knows that no one can touch anything, food, candy or presents until 6:00! That when everything happens! My Dad started this so long ago I can't even remember when it did start. 6:00…BE there!

  111. My family plays a dirty Santa game that is full of gags, gifts, giggles, and love. This year I'm taking a quilt. I can't wait to see who takes it home..

  112. My favorite tradition for Christmas is getting up an hour before everyone else. I make coffee cake and sticky buns the night before and put them in the oven to warm as I drink coffee and enjoy putting the house in readiness for the family wake up.

  113. I hope to start a new family Tradition this year, with my little one being one year and a half old at Christmas, I hope we would open our presents and just stay together with my husband and my baby, enjoing we are a family!!!

  114. Christmas… which part of its traditions is my favourite??? Must be all the cooking done for Christmas Eve and then the dinner with the whole family round the table, and presents under the tree that are usually "distributed" by the youngest in the house after the dinner. I just love Christmas!!!

  115. Way to go Angela! I think I've seen a sneak peek of your quilt for the book and it's fabulous. My fav tradition is making a gingerbread house with my kids. Now that my son is almost 16, it's mostly just my daughter and I keeping it up, but we always have so much fun together decorating the panels of the house on the kitchen counter together, then struggling to 'glue' it all together without the whole thing collapsing under the weight of all the candy we've stuck on!

  116. My favorite tradition is pajamas on Christmas Eve. My family always allowed my siblings and I to open one gift on Christmas Eve, new pajamas to wear to bed that night. Always special!!

  117. My favorite tradition is Christmas morning when we all (still) shuffle down the stairs in our matching pajamas from youngest to oldest so that my Dad can video tape it. The procession now includes two husbands-but we do it anyway 🙂

  118. Due to my mother in law's religion, we don't celebrate the holidays at all. I do love making gingerbread however and do it as often as I can during the winter season.

  119. Maybe it is silly, but most of our traditions center around food! Some of the recipes come from family no longer with us, so we think of them when we make those special dishes. The only other "tradition" is getting everyone together – which gets harder as the kids get older. Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!

  120. My favorite Christmas tradition is baking cookies with 3 of my retired school teacher friends. We do it every year. We alternate houses and it lasts all day, beginning with breakfast, a huge lunch and all day baking. So much fun!

  121. My favorite tradition is one we don't do any more, but it was such fun spending an afternoon in the woods looking for the perfect Christmas tree!

  122. My favourite Christmas tradition was reading 'The Night before Christmas' and 'The Grinch' to my kids on Christmas Eve. This year I plan to have a grinch quilt made.

  123. Our favorite tradition is getting all the kids in the family together and decorating either cookies or gingerbread houses. We don't even worry about the mess(that's what central vac is for!). Such great pictures from year to year as they've grown :). Thanks for the giveaway!

  124. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is watching White Christmas with my girls ( now grown) and my husband. We also love to eat all our favorite snack foods on Christmas Eve. Thanks for the chance to win.

  125. I always make a new Christmas tree ornament; usually, it is needlework. Blackbird Designs have a lot of darling mini Christmas stocking designs. Plus, I make a yearly Christmas scrapbook which also includes recipes and food photos.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!! Also, have Merry Christmas!!

  126. I have several things that I love about the holidays that have become a tradition. But one of them is that I make homemade caramels and peanut brittle for my husband. those are his favorites and the only time of year that he will eat anything sweet. Spending time with family and friends is pretty special also.

  127. The tradition comes from my husband, his mother would make homemade rolls and chili on Christmas Eve. Because his parents have passed on we have keep that tradition going.

  128. I love making snow angels in the first snow, and getting out for walks in the crisp air. Our Christmas celebration changes every year, so the only tradition is that every year we do something different ( last year we had steak for dinner…since I did the cooking, I picked what I wanted).

  129. My favorite tradition is a huge family get together. We rent a hall or large facility, bring a dish or two to pass and the kids play games while the adults pick up on all the family happenings. Family, food and fun! What more could you want?

  130. Favourite Christmas tradition was when me and my brother would be read 'The Night Before Christmas' on Christmas Eve, then when we woke up the next morning we would bring our stockings into my room and open some little presents including an annual to read (sneaky parents getting extra time to sleep!), followed by a chocolate breakfast!

  131. I have two… they are going to the Zoo Lights at the Portland, OR Zoo and having everything ready, Christmas lights on, music playing, hot chocolate ready to sip, and then everyone coming down for Christmas morning. Growing up we weren't allowed downstairs until my parents set everything up and I am continuing that tradition with my own kids. It's magical!

  132. Wow! Made your dip tonight and it was delicious. My son came home today for fall break and he loved it. Darn it.lol. he wants to take the recipe back to school. May have to make it again tomorrow so I can get some…more. thanks for sharing.

  133. We don't yet have a Christmas tradition so I'm sharing my husband's family's little tradition when he was growing up. When he was little, every year my father in law would gather the children around the piano and get them to sing some Christmas carols and do some short Christmas readings while all these are being filmed for his grandparents who lived a few hours away and were not able to spend Christmas Day with the rest of the family. Looking back at the videos brings back embarassing yet funny and heart-warming memories.

  134. We have lefse at Christmas time and it's a tradition from my grandma. She taught me how to roll it out and fry it. So we look forward to eating lefse together at Christmas.

  135. I enjoy cooking a Traditional Christmas dinner with Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, perogies, winter salad, homemade buns etc… we just celebrated Thanksgiving and I feel like I'm gonna pop!! hehehe

  136. When my kids arrive home for Christmas our family and whoever else is around stands around our butcher block island and have a shot of very good tequila together (lime and salt, too).

  137. Ever since I was little, my mother and her twin sister would bake Italian Christmas Cookies. It was an all day project and the end result was 10 pounds of cookies from heaven. I think they taste so good because we only get them once a year. I've continued the tradition — with my own children — and the twins to help me along!

  138. My favorite holiday tradition are the felt stockings that my husband's mother made them and then made for our daughters. Her mother started the tradition.

  139. My tradition for christmas is that I always make at least 1 or 2 christmas ornaments for the tree. Each year we have to buy a bigger one to hang them all 🙂

  140. My favourite Christmas tradition is when we put the Christmas tree up & decorate it, with the final & most important part being placing the Angel on top of the tree. My daughter made the Angel when she was in kindergarten & to this day it is still her role to place the Angel at the top (she doesn't need to be lifted up any more!) Thanks for the chance to win.

  141. Christmas eve football! We play every year, early in the day no matter the weather. We have played in sun, snow, rain, blizzards. Doesn't matter the age – everyone plays and we all have a blast.

  142. Oh this is easy! Since I was a very small girl my parents have awakened me on Christmas morning at the crack of dawn to hide behind the sofa and watch Santa bring in all the presents. I have a sister with down syndrome that still (sort of) believes in Santa so they are still keeping the tradition alive. This year will make 45 years! It is the most magical experience to watch your little children, sleepy eyed, hiding, watching Santa!

  143. My favorite holiday tradition is when the whole family goes to the local Christmas Tree Farm. We still go to the very same tree farm, still owned by the same family as when I was a little girl and visited that farm throughout my entire childhood. My children have also gone to that same farm since they were born until they moved out although one still goes every year with his family and another may start again now that he's moved back to our area once again. It's such a great place and yet, when I think about it, realizing I have gone to that same farm since I was a little girl, it kinda makes me feel old. REALLY old. LOL

  144. Every Christmas we have breakfast casserole and Christmas (coffee) cake. It's our favorite tradition. It's definitely the best breakfast ever. Thanks for the chance to win. I'm dying to get my hands on that book.

  145. Every Christmas we make breakfast casserole and Christmas (coffee) cake. It's our favorite tradition. It's definitely the best breakfast ever. Thanks for the chance to win. I'm dying to get my hands on that book!

  146. On Christmas Eve, after Santa has come and gone, sitting in the darkened living room gazing at the beauty of the Christmas tree and feeling the peace in the air.

  147. We started opening our gifts on Christmas Eve when our children were young, because my husband worked at night and this way the children didn't wake up too early the next morning.

  148. My husband has an Advent calender that has a little mouse you move each day. His mom used to hide candy or a dollar here or there in it, and I've started doing the same for my son, who is three. Every day before Christmas last year we got to move the mouse, and he adored it.

  149. I love to attend the different musical Christmas programs during the Christmas season. There is one where I live put on by the Thursdays Music Club and they do a wonderful show every year in a beautiful church.

  150. The tradition that started last year was I made Rachel (from p.s. i quilt) grandmother's recipe, grandmomma's sausage cheese. Then someone at work told me about Baked French Toast Casserole so I found that recipe and also made that. Both of these were a huge hit with my family and they asked for this to be our Christmas morning tradition. I'm looking forward to this year's Christmas morning when we sit down with both dishes and we all enjoy them before our activities start.

  151. As our son was growing up we would set aside a day-no phones, just our fam, to decorate our Christmas tree. We would play Sound of Music or The Muppets Christmas Carol. We would have cocoa and hand made chocolates, cheese and crackers. It was such a wonderful time. He is 23 now, out on his own and I decorate the tree alone…new season.

  152. Our favorite holiday tradition is to have Christmas breakfast together after opening presents. Due to in-laws the last five years, we only have Christmas together every other year so it's become even more special!

  153. My favoirte holiday tradition is to not feel like you have to do the same thing every year. I have been sending Valentine cards instead of holiday cards…folks seem to enjoy a somewhat unexpected card.

  154. Besides traditional food prepared for these special holidays, I love Posadas! It is a big fiesta. People are divided in two groups: those who stay in the house and those who are outside. The ones outside play Joseph and Mary and sing asking for shelter. The ones inside sing along, asking who they are, where they come from and so. At the end, they open the doors to receive them and the party begins, a piñata is broken…

  155. one year my sister put a teeny tiny piece of kleenex over baby Jesus in our nativity – so the next year Mom knit a little blanket and we took turns who got to tuck him in.

  156. I think our favorite Christmas tradition is when my husband reads a Christmas book–'Twas the Night Before Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, etc.–to the kids after we get back from church on Christmas Eve. My twins are 18 and my older daughter is 22 and pursuing a masters degree, but they still talk about piling into bed together and not arguing for the time that their dad reads out the story to them. 🙂 Then they go to their own separate rooms and ask us to not sleep too late on Christmas morning. 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  157. One of my favourite Christmas traditions is preparing jars of goodies for presents. Love the baking to Christmas music, wrapping them up and giving them out!

  158. Putting out the Christmas nativity. They're plaster figures that I hand-painted about a hundred years ago. The pieces have been loved – Joseph has a chip in his nose from kissing baby Jesus – and are very special. Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway.

  159. My favorite tradition is definitely getting together to decorate our tree. I love that thing. But a lot of my family is Jewish, and I also love getting together to play dreidel and winning the Hanukkah gelt (right next to the Christmas tree; we're a mixed bag).

  160. I have a small bell that my husband saves for me to put on the tree. It was given to my mother from her mother the year I was born. I put it up, have a good cry remembering those women who are me, and then Christmas at home can start.

  161. Spending the afternoon at my sister's house, it used to be just the 6 siblings and parents. Then we added husbands and boy/girlfriends. Now it's all the kids and their spouses and grandkids…can't beat that!

  162. One tradition that we've kept in our family is to celebrate Christmas the European way. We celebrate on Christmas Eve. We read the story of Christ's birth and all the kids get to play songs on their instruments and we have an enjoyable relaxing evening.

  163. We are just starting this tradition, but I'm very excited about it… each member of our immediate family has another person in our immediate family that we will each MAKE a gift for for Christmas. My kids are 9 and younger, so it will be a tradition that we will love for a long time!

    kim dot woodbury at gmail dot com

  164. We made a gingerbread house with the kids last year; even though it was from a kit, the kids LOVED it and are already asking to do another this year. Thanks for chance to win! (EMAIL: marshudson at comcast dot net)

  165. We have an ornament exchange when all of my family gets together for Christmas. Young & old have so much fun stealing from each other & laughing or oohing & ahhing over the ornaments.

  166. Tradition is to have our family time on Christmas morning after everyone is up and we have had a BIG home cooked breakfast, then we open gifts, one at a time! Such fun! lisamcgriff (at) hotmail (dot) com

  167. This isn't quite a tradition, but one of my favorite simple tasks to mark the changing seasons is swapping out the bed sheets for the warm, cozy flannel ones 🙂

  168. For the past almost 10 years, my high school girl friends and I get together for a gift exchange, dinner, and of course to simply catch up and chat. Recently we changed the rules so that we donate to a charity of our secret santa's choice, and attempt to hand create a gift for them with limited funds ($5-$10) so it forces us to value the little things and to dig a bit deeper for cheap things. Its amazing what we create for each other! No one believes they can make anything nice, but when we do the exchange we are all always surprised to find out what each other has made.

  169. We always open one present on Christmas Eve. I always like to make something new for Christmas too…like a new throw quilt or this year is new stockings. Thanks for the chance to win!

  170. Santa always brings us breakfast in our stockings. It's always the kind of things I would never get my kids…individual boxes of cereal, squeezable applesauce,etc…and tides them over while my husband and I take our time making brunch.

  171. Every Christmas Eve, we have a fondue supper. We have three pots set on the table. It's so much fun as we linger over our food. We end up eating way too much too.

  172. I love going to see the live nativity at a church here where I live. It really helps us all to keep Our focus on the real reason for the season!!!

  173. When I was growing up we always opened our gift Christmas morning and spent most of the day in our pjs. I wanted the same for our kids and and that's what we did. We'd have Christmas Eve at family and church but Christmas morning was reserved for our house. Thanks for a super receipe, yumyum!

    Thanks so much for a great giveaway and a chance to win.


  174. My favorite tradition is opening my stocking first thing in the morning since my parents would always still be asleep. I had little presents to tide me over so I wouldn't wake them up haha! 🙂

  175. My fondest memory was when my daughter was younger and she still believed. We would not only make a plate full of cookies for Santa, we would make sure the reindeer were well fed too. We'd put a plate full of carrots and water out for them to munch on. Oh so many little nibbles I'd have to take in those carrots. In the morning, she was so thrilled to see their "teeth marks" in those carrots. ah… the days when things were simple…

    khauglan at [yahoo] dot com

  176. It just isn't Christmas without displaying my Santa and Snowman candles. They are and a little cheesy but they are all that I could afford to decorate with the very first year I was out on my own.

  177. I love making handmade ornaments to tie on packages. This has been a family tradition since I was a child. We tie a piece of embroidery floss (color coded to the child) on them and then when they leave home they will have a wonderful collection to take with them@

  178. Our favorite holiday tradition is "uglies." When our children were small (a long time ago since our oldest grandchild is 20) we started the tradition of giving small inexpensive unique and often ugly gifts. It enabled them to purchase a beloved gift for very little money. Most of the time they are functional pieces. My favorite to this day is one I've had over 30 years — a kitchen timer that looks like a can of italian tomato sauce. It doesn't match my kitchen decor, but had a prominent spot on the counter.

  179. Christmas Tradition – My Late Grandmothers Frozen Christmas Pudding … it can only be made during Advent and once it is all gone it is all gone. It is hot here in Australia so it is a welcome alternative to hot boiled pudding… plus it is the yummiest food ever and tastes like Christmas time to me.

  180. I enjoy making a Christmas tree ornament every year – often, it's a snowman or gingerbread man – and I make multiples so that each of my kids receives one. Good memories!

  181. My favorite holiday tradition is getting together christmas eve and having appetizers with family and playing cards and board games and maybe before heading to bed opening a single present.

  182. On Thanksgiving weekend, my daughter and her girls, and daughter-in-law and girls like to make a quilt,usually a rag quilt so we all can work on it!

  183. A relatively new tradition is to go to my son's and spend Christmas Eve at their home and wake up for Christmas with the grandson. He is getting older now but I hope they keep inviting us to stay with them. It would be very lonely and sad if we had to stay home and not be with family.

  184. On Christmas eve all our families meets up at Mom's and go onto what used to be called "Midnight" mass, which changed to 10 pm, then 8 pm and currently its at 6 pm. 🙂 After mass we have dinner and later open presents.

  185. We exchange gifts with each member of the family–none of those gift exchanges, with one gift per person for us. We designate someone to pass out gifts–each person is given one gift with their name on it,then we open them in turn, from oldest to youngest. Then the next round is passed out and it starts again. To make it last longer, we've been known to choose lots of little gifts so they can be individually wrapped.

  186. Favorite Christmas tradition is going to Temple Square in Salt Lake City and seeing all the lights. It is beautiful and I love being in the hustle and bustle of all the people.

  187. My family gets together for Christmas Eve dinner at my parents. After dinner, the children from each family perform a song or skit that they created in the weeks before!

  188. My in-laws are the tradition makers in my family. They take my kids on outings every week in December. Usually to the Zoo for ZooLights, There is an old train that runs along a Railroad and is used as the Polar Express, Downtown for Christmas Lights, and The Nutcracker. My husband use the time to go Christmas shopping or a night our for ourselves!

  189. I love making pajamas for my son and neices, nephews, and parents. It's so much fun to pick a fabric that reminds me of them or something they accomplished that year, and to know the receiver loves the thought and comfort of my gift.

  190. We always have a get together with family on Christmas Eve for eats. We have an appetizer only meal. It is lots of fun to get to try many different foods all in one meal. Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  191. I love so many things about the holidays. But, I love going to my parents house for the long Thanksgiving weekend and not leaving the house for days. So relaxing and cozy.

  192. A Christmas Holiday tradition is eating a Fin and Hady fish type breakfaston Christmas morning. This tradition started in Scotland and was carried over to America by family members. Our family has been doing this breakfast forever. It does take a little getting use to, but there is always garlic butter to pour over the fish.

  193. I love that every year for all my son's 12 years we've put up our holiday decor the weekend after thanksgiving. I try to have our shopping done by then also. Then we can spend the rest of the season baking cookies, spending time with friends, and enjoying feeding our family and friends in our cozy home with no stress. This year we have a piano so I'm hoping that we can add caroling to our traditions. 🙂

  194. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is that my grandparents still have a huge extended family party. There are now 50+ of us (kids, grandkids, great-grandkids)! It's so fun to see everyone; to visit and catch-up. 🙂

  195. I'm looking forward to caroling. Our family joins with some family friends–they are amazing singers, and it is such fun to harmonize with them and surprise someone with caroling on a cold winter's night.

  196. Best holiday tradition is Christmas morning breakfast and stockings. Since I was a child, and now enjoying it with my own grown children. Thanks for participating in the blog hop and the chance to win~

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