Battle of the Swoon

Take that swoon pattern. I told you that I would whip you into submission. I will not be conquered by the insanity that is the swoon.

Uhm…yeah. That may or may not be the pep talk that I gave myself before tackling the swoon pattern again. You might recall that a week or so ago I attempted this pattern with pretty disastrous results. Well at least useless results.

Battle of the Swoon

But tackle that pattern I did. In fact, I would say I attacked that pattern. It was a mental game…the swoon pattern versus me. We were both fighting strong. After losing round one to the swoon, I was determined for round two to go to me.

And it did!

Battle of the Swoon

Practically perfect in every way. Not that I’m a perfectionist. nope. who? me?

Battle of the Swoon

I’m using more of Laurie Wisbrun’s new line Brr as the focus fabrics of these blocks and mixing in some other coordinates from wherever. The reality is that I rarely sew from one line of fabric. So I wanted to treat her line just like every other one I have. Mix and match! And aren’t the polar bears super cute as the center?

Battle of the Swoon

So at this point, swoon pattern : 1 , Angela : 1. Giddy with my success I wanted to attempt block #2 (of 4 because no way am I making 9 of these!). And I decided to up the ante. Introduce…directional print. I can do this. No pattern is too hard for me. I will not be broken….oh yeah…pep talk again….

I emerged triumphant but pretty tattered from my experience on this block.

Battle of the Swoon

Oh yes. It looks good now….but those directional prints tricked me. I made a whole new slew of mistakes on this one. Pieces were cut to the right size, the directions were going the right way. Block was FINISHED. And then… what? that doesn’t look right! Those THREE pieces are all pointing the wrong way. I didn’t do the right pattern. *Introduce seam ripper* Oh and did I mention that it’s already past 1 in the morning. Oh the witching hour….

Battle of the Swoon

But no block will get the best of me…I am better…I am stronger…I need sleep… pep talk again.

And by some miracle I managed to get those pieces out, switch them with each other, and sew them back in. And the block is now right where it should be. Phew!

Battle of the Swoon

So we stand equal on that one I think. So now it is Swoon : 2, Angela : 2. At least I have the pretty blocks to show my winnings. The swoon block only has part of my sanity…and who can it show that too? ๐Ÿ˜‰

43 thoughts on “Battle of the Swoon”

  1. Your blocks are amazing! I am getting terrified to start this one with so many people having trouble. Hopefully I will have read about all the problems before my pattern arrives and I have to actually do it!

  2. Strolling through your blog thinking, hmm, that name sounds familiar… when it hit me, yep, thats who I swapped with last week… duh… Love your blocks!!! I am afraid of the swooon.

  3. I love your site. I'm just starting out and have a question for someone with more experience than I….. I see fabric that I would love to purchase and have on hand, but I'm not sure how much to purchase for most quilts. 1/2 yard – a yard??? I want to do a queensize zig zag quilt with several colorsat some point.
    Thanks, EC Smith

  4. The blocks look great! I've had my own trials and tribulations with Swoon and directional prints (and me not paying close enough attention to the instructions). In fact, Swoon has been exiled for a while…until I regain my sanity, or brain or whatever it is that's missing.

  5. Yes, those bears at the centres ARE super, SUPER cute! I grew up on a farm just outside of White Bear, Saskatchewan so you can only imagine how I've been dreaming about this fabric line. Seeing how you've used it I know FOR SURE that I MUST get some and make something for my Mom, who still lives there.

    You obviously won the swoon battle hands down. I love your work. I've been wanting to start a Swoon quilt but am increasingly afraid. Not TOO afraid, though. I'm sure I can win a smackdown with Swoon, too.

  6. These are probably the favorite of all that I have seen. I love your fabrics on the rematch round better than the first one too, so maybe it's a good thing you lost the first round ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Love it!! I have to say, between the war you are having and the colours you've chosen, this is the closest that I've been to wanting to cave and make one too! hm….

  8. Well done with the swooning – I`m hoping to start tomorrow. There is a thread in the discussion group about cutting one rectangle when you come to make the flying geese – it might be worth you having a look!

  9. These blocks are so cool. I'm going to start my own Swoon using Terrain after my daughter gets married in three weeks. Congratulations on your new house.

  10. Your swoon blocks are just lovely! And I love the polar bear! I want to make this block but have put it on my to do list for now.

  11. Thanks everyone!!

    @ EC Smith: The question of how much fabric to buy is one that a lot of quilters struggle with. In general if I just like a fabric, I'll get a half yard. If I can really see myself using it in more than one project then I may get multiple yards. And if it is a background fabric you will easily need 4 or 5 yards for a large quilt…and more for backing. I hope that helps!!

  12. This post made me chuckle. I'm glad that other people make the same kind of mistakes as me and talk to themselves too = ) I love Laurie's fabric line too, super adorable!!

  13. Your blocks are absolutely beautiful!! I love the polar bears in the center!
    I also love to mix up different lines of fabric… it makes it more interesting in my opinion!
    I can't wait to see the other 2 blocks!

  14. Adorable blocks! Thanks for sharing your troubles and success! I think the Swoon pattern needs a rewrite. Yes, I did rewrite it for myself and colored in the pattern and all kinds of stuff! I still cut wrong and patched wrong and it is currently winning. I am not giving up however!

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