Cobalt Blue and Orange

Okay…bear with me people… I know I’m being a blog slacker lately. But it’s all been for a good reason. I promise! Well at least in my life. lol.

So I’ve been meaning to do the next post in the quilt along, but let me get settled into the condo (we’re hopefully moving on Tuesday!) and then I will have more of a brain. I say that so that I believe it. 😉 But Tiffany wisely caught that I had totally miscounted the amount of background fabric that you need to make this quilt. An embarrassing moment for a math major to be sure, but apparently, I no longer know how to add. Instead of the 3 yards that I said you would need for the white, you will need a little over 4 yards! Agh! So sorry! So I’ve updated that on the fabric amounts for the quilt, but I also wanted to point it out in case some of you had ordered the fabric. I’m now being a little paranoid and suggesting 4.5 yards of background fabric. Thank you so much for catching that Tiffany!

‘Tis the season for weddings and my friends know who to call when they need some help. I’ve spent this whole last weekend working on all things wedding. Did I mention I’ve been back in town for about 5 weeks? 😉 Good thing these are some VERY good friends. (that’s YOU Nora!) I did the makeup on Friday for the mother of the bride…a woman who doesn’t own a single bit of her own makeup. So I was using her daughters’ makeup to do hers. Then I walked in on the bride putting on her own makeup and put my foot down about HER eye makeup. (I promise! They want me to do these things! lol) She had all new makeup that she had purchased for her wedding day and was pretty much attempting to use things for the first time. Yeah…that wasn’t happening. I swear I was very diplomatic once I got past my initial NO to the whore blue eye shadow. She looked beautiful!

Cobalt Blue and Orange

Anyway, sadly I missed the reception for that wedding because we got a phone call that my baby girl had a very high fever and was definitely sick. So we ended up going to the emergency room which was nuts and then escaping to med point instead. A few hours later, we had some antibiotics for her.

Now I’m working on another friend’s wedding. She’s asked me to be in charge of the decorations for the reception. Normally this wouldn’t intimidate me at all. I’ve done decorations for a lot of events. But this is a really large venue and I’m a little worried about pulling it off. Her colors are cobalt blue and orange. And we’re focusing on cream/ivory rather than pure white. The budget isn’t ridiculously small, but it’s limited (who doesn’t have a limited budget for wedding decorations?!). So I want to get the most bang for my buck.

I think I have her talked into using a fabric from Joel Dewberry’s newest line Heirloom. Love it! I think I may somehow use it on the tables set up for eating (it’s a buffet-style dining).

Cobalt Blue and Orange

But I need ideas! I know that many of you have got to be crafty/decorator types too. Tell me your secrets! I’d love some fabulously fabulous decorations. The bride is fairly modern in her tastes if that helps. But I’d love any tips that you all can give me on creating a beautiful wedding reception. I need to do A LOT (three rooms!) so let the ideas flow!

Here’s a little inspiration to get you all inspired.

Cobalt Blue and Orange

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  1. The table arrangements for my reception were simple and beautiful: A single rose floating in a brandy snifter. I think it would be stunning with a orange daisy instead.

  2. Something that is inexpensive, but provides a lot of visual interest are glass vases or bowls (large like hurricane size) filled with whole fruit. Oranges or tangerines would be beautiful in this case maybe stacked with a few orange leaves (or any other green leaf) tucked in between. It makes for a modern arrangement, and at the end of the night guest can feel free to take home a piece of the arrangement.

  3. When you said Cobalt blue and orange, I immediate thought someone was having a Gator wedding. Florida Gators that is………glad that isn't the case.

  4. It sounds like you are having a lot of fun! Don't rush the QAL, I just bought my background fabric yesterday (hopefully enough or another shopping trip is required, no loss there). I think a more relaxed pace to a summer QAL is perfect.

  5. Terra cotta counts as orange and pots are cheap! You could stretch the designer fabric budget by sewing 10" wide strips to each selvage edge length of an ivory solid as table cloths. That way the buffet food cOvers the ivory but the print hangs down the table edges looking pretty! If you can recruit other sewists you could provide coordinating fabric napkins for everyone as their take home favor.

  6. Another idea for table top decoration could be goldfish in a small bowl or large glass. the glasses can be hired and some pet shops will allow the fish to be borrowed for a smaller fee than buying them outright.

  7. Oh good, I won't be terribly behind then. I have been busy too and haven't gotten to the point of piecing the strips yet. It's perfectly understandable that you have things going on too.:)

  8. We had the same colors at my wedding last year. A fun way we pulled the blue into the flower arrangements was with blue glass beads in the bottom of vases with a single flower anchored in them and a floating candle at the top. We also had some blue glass votive candles on the tables. I'd be happy to pass along photos. There are also some on my blog

  9. Angela, remind me to take a picture of table center pieces from the wedding I just attended. I'll send it to you. It was an inexpensive way to get some nice height and visual insterest, with the exact colors. And it could be modern or classic. ~ Mary Clare

  10. Ooh these would be fun colors to do a candy buffet in!
    But I guess that is more "food" and not "decoration" for the event. Maybe those clear cone shaped plastic bags filled with layers of blue/orange candies and tied with a ribbon featuring a tag of the couple's monogram.

    Bright orange flowers


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