Finding a Quilt a Home

My oldest UFO is complete!  Seriously!

Finding a Quilt a Home

I pulled this quilt out and showed you all back in the spring when we moved into our house.  I was going through all of my projects and was trying to give them some tough love.  This top is my oldest UFO…although no longer a UFO.  I remember that I started it four houses ago…about 10 years ago.  There was NO online quilting world at the time.  The fabric is from Joann’s and was the best I could do at the time. I still like the colors but I my taste has changed a bit.

Finding a Quilt a Home

A twin sized quilt with a fairly traditional design.  What I loved and still love about this is that there is not ONE curved pieced of fabric in the whole thing.  The circles are all an illusion of the angles.  I have no idea what the pattern is called or where you can get it.  I got this from a book I checked out of the library 10 years ago.  Sorry!

But did I mention that this quilt is done?!  Because  it is.  So very much in part because of the fabulous Krista Withers…my very favorite long arm quilter (seriously.  she’s an artist.  oh and she’s pretty darn cool too)  A while back I posted on behalf of Jean who was looking for quilts for the communication officers who were on duty during the Sandy Hook shootings.  I was aching that I couldn’t do anything.  My schedule just didn’t permit it.  But in the weeks that followed, Krista told me that she had committed to a quilt because she had seen the call for quilts here on my blog but the one she wanted to use wasn’t going to work out.  Serendipity and a day later, I had sent her my quilt top, quilt back and a scrappy binding.

 Finding a Quilt a Home

Krista did the beautiful magic that she does. A simple and beautiful quilting design (we were under a deadline for turning the quilt in to Jean).  She bound the quilt and sent it off to Jean.

Finding a Quilt a Home

I couldn’t be happier to have the quilt finished and to have it done so beautifully.  But obviously the best part for me is that I managed to contribute in one small way to those directly affected by the horrible tragedy that made my soul ache.  I know, once again, that quilting is such a healing act.  The love to make the quilt, to spend the time and give a piece of yourself away.  This quilt is finally on its way home.

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  1. That is awesome to donate it for the communication officers who were a part of the Sandy Hook incident. In incidents like that, everyone thinks of the families affected, but not many think of the first responders and dispatchers. It is something they will have to deal with the rest of their lives as well. Well done, my dear, well done.


  2. I really like this quilt! I was wondering… I have only been back to quilting for about a year now and have learned A LOT from bloggers… Is there something not quite right about buying fabric from Joann's… even there "nicer" quilting or batik fabrics? contentncm at yahoo dot com

  3. Serendipity allowed all this to come together for a great cause. I believe that God worked through all of you. Some believe in luck or fate. Whatever it was you participated in a wonderful quilt for a wonderful cause.

  4. Isn't that funny how our tastes change? But what a neat thing that you had a UFO floating around to give to such a great cause. I'm sure someone will treasure it!

  5. nothing wrong with joann's! my favorite quilt was made with nothing but joann's offerings, before i discovered the online/designer fabric world. i think i love that quilt because i didn't rely on designer fabrics to say something for me- does that make sense?

  6. The Baptist Fan quilting design shows up so prettily on that blue fabric. Between your great piecing and the longarmer's design talent, it's a beautiful finish. I am hoping for both of you that it is appreciated by the recipient as a beautiful testimony that "outsiders" really care. You both contributed wonderfully.

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