Found a fun new pattern

So I found a fun new pattern (new to me at least!) that I might actually buy. It’s going to cut into my fabric budget and that pains me, but it would be worth it if the dress would actually look cute on me. Then I could use some of my pretty fabrics for actual garment sewing. It looks simple but flattering. Intrigued yet? It’s Jennifer Paganelli’s pattern by Sis Boom: Meghan Peasant Dress/Top for Women

Now this particular picture of the pattern cracks me up. I don’t know who that model is, but she is practically popping out of the dress with all her assets. 😉 I certainly don’t look like that and if I did I still wouldn’t be showing everything off. Luckily the beauty of this pattern is that is very customizable for varying amounts of modesty. That’s one of the main things that caught my eye. This picture gives a better view of the kind of dress that I would like to make.

And there’s the added plus that I might someday be able to make a matching dress with my daughter. I like that kind of corny thing, I’ll admit.

So, should I get it? Or is there a pattern from Simplicity that I can buy for $1.00 that is exactly the same? Decisions, decisions.

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