Quilting Book Round Up

Over the years I have tested and reviewed many sewing books. I thought I would round up those books so that you have them all in one easy to find place.  I’m always looking for more to add to my list so if you have a recommendation make sure to send it my way! Here is my list of books along with links to my blogs with more in depth refections:

Quilt Block Cookbook


Do you ever find one of those books that you want to share with the world?  That you think that literally everyone should own because it is so awesome? Or a book that speaks to you in a way no other book has?  It grabs you with it its words, its photography, its story, its very nature.  It says what you have always been trying to say but you didn’t even know you were trying to say it.  It explains who YOU are and how you see the world. And is that EVER a QUILTING book?  I’ve been moved by books before, but I’m not sure a quilting book has ever truly moved me the way that Amy Gibson’s latest book, The Quilt Block Cookbook, does.


Crafted Applique


A faithful and super talented reader of my blog, Lara Buccella, contacted me recently to ask if I would like to review her new book Crafted Applique.  Lara has been super dear to me, so I might have said yes just because of that…but it turns out that her book is about a process that I am very passionate about: Raw Edge Applique.  So I knew that I needed to see it.


The Paper Pieced Home


When I found out that my sweet friend Penny was writing a book, I immediately knew that it would be a great one.  Truly. It may seem like I review a lot around here, but I really try to focus on the items that are definite moments of special work. And Penny’s book does not disappoint.  Clearly focused on paper piecing, a passion of Penny’s, her book is a great resource for both learning paper piecing and finding an abundance of modern yet retro inspired patterns.


Improvising Tradition Review


Sometimes there are books that come along that I just HAVE to review.  I’m pretty picky about what I choose to review here on my blog.  I love to help out friends of course (that’s what friends are for!) but I also just love to help a great book get more more exposure if I can.  And that’s where I am with Improvising Tradition by Alexandra Ledgerwood.  Though you may know her by her alter ego, Teaginny Designs.


Beyond Neutral


I like, like many women, find John’s take on the quilting world fascinating.  Let’s be honest.  Men are in the minority when it comes to the demographic of quilters.  So his choices of patterns and fabrics are always interesting to me.  There is some overlap, but I love to see a masculine perspective on quilting.  And this book gives you that.  John is not afraid of “natural neutrals” as he describes the colors of nature that balance out life.


Sew Fun


The goal of this book is to give you projects and ideas for sewing with your children.  I was intrigued by the topic and thought I’d give it a whirl with my little gal.  I like that the book has tips for what the kids can do in the project that seem pretty reasonably age appropriate.  I will say that I think the book is geared towards middle school to teen kids for actual sewing.


The Quilters Applique Workshop


Kevin has covered every last detail of multiple applique techniques and tools in this book. If you have ever wanted to try applique, this is a perfect starting point. In particular he discusses raw edge applique, fusible applique and needle turn applique. There are a lot of step by step instructions for each section, making this book perfect for beginnings and intermediate level alike.


Hex Go Go


In my world, Tacha is the queen of all things hexagon.  She was the first person to show me that hexagons can be modern and not old fashioned.  We were in a few bees together when we both joined the online quilting world and I was so tickled to have a friend from Germany.  I felt very cosmopolitan!


Books I love but may be a bit biased as I am a contributor:

Playful Little Paper-Pieced Projects



The Quilter’s Mixology



Modern Blocks: 99 Quilt Blocks from your Favorite Designers



Scraps, Inc. Vol. 2



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