Sometimes I get tired of coming up with titles…

Well I couldn’t resist and did end up opening my birthday gift early. But I did make my husband sing happy birthday to me before I used it! 🙂 I think that it’s going to be great. It doesn’t look hard to use at all and hopefully will really help me design my own quilts and try out different layouts. It should be interesting to see how it changes how I design. I’ve watched all the little video demos on it and now I need to start their little classes. But then I’ll be off. I’ll keep you all updated on how it’s going.

I was thrilled to discover many packages in the mail for me yesterday! Two of them were blocks back for the ~Busy Bees~ group and two were packages of Tufted tweets….and everything was awesome and wonderful… You all just need to bask in the talent of fellow quilters. The fabric is Katie Jump Rope and the theme is triangles: (sorry the pictures are rotated…it makes the triangles harder to see)

Kathy from Pink Chalk Studios made this wonderful block:

And Cherri of Cherry House Quilts made this one:

10 more blocks to go…I’ve seen some of them on flickr and let me tell you this is going to be a great quilt. I’m planning on making setting blocks as well alternating between the blocks. So I need to decided on my layout for that. I think that I’m going to use EQ to help with that!

and my tufted tweets are sooo wonderful. The colors are amazing and I’ll probably get some more in the future, but I’m trying not to break the bank. Both stores I ordered from shipped them to me on the same day so I’m very happy with both places. They were super quick!

My beautiful new purchase

And I think that I may have finally found some fabrics that my husband will let me use to make a quilt for us. He’s so picky! He’s not as big a fan of the green, but I told him that it will make a good accent and he trusts me. So I think that I officially have a plan for these fabrics! Woohoo!

Tufted Tweets!!!!!

And I did end up taking some pictures of my paintbox quilt that sort of show the rainbow effect, so I thought that I would share those too.

Also I mentioned that I’m doing the Red Barn Asterisk Quilt along. So I finally got all the fabric picked out and cut for that. I’m proud to say that except for $2.00 spent on half a yard of clearance linen that everything is from my stash! That’s what we like to see. I was happy to finally have a use for some fabrics and others felt like I was cutting off an arm. But why have fabric if you don’t use it? The blocks are all 8″ square and the linen strips are 1″. 88 blocks and strips. Whew! Glad to be done cutting that up. And I decided who this quilt is definitely for, but I can’t say unless she reads this blog. LOL. It will be a Christmas gift.

The linen is textured and different colors, so it will really make this pattern look more like snowflakes which is what I’m going for.

All the beautiful blues and greens for a cool winter theme with “snowflake” asterisks.

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