A start on a rainbow!

I really feel like I should save this post for a couple of days from now on Saint Patrick’s Day because I’m about to inundate you all with a lot of green. LOL. But sometimes it is hard for me to move on to the next project until I blog about the previous one. So in the spirit of moving forward, here’s the work I managed to get done over the weekend on my bottled rainbows quilt.

A start on a rainbow

The quilt along is based on a rainbow as you might guess from the name, Bottle Rainbows. There are a number of colors in each shade, but I started out with the greens. I think I was just in a green mood…whatever that means. There are three different green blocks in the quilt. My colors I don’t think are all the same ones that Rachel picked out because I am trying to go with what I have in my stash. Woohoo! So if my quilt looks a little different along the way than others, it’s because I can’t be troubled to purchase new fabric. Oh, wait, because I’m trying to use up fabrics that I own. Right.

I started off with the darkest of my three greens and the one I think is the most different from the actual colors we’re supposed to use. LOL. Little rebel me. No, really, I think it was just the one on top.

A start on a rainbow

As you can see from that picture, this is a ticker tape quilt as you go style quilt. Both are methods I have not used in a full-sized quilt before! So that is fun. It’s always good to try something new! I’m using the zig-zag method to secure my pieces because I want to have as few stray threads as possible. I’m not a huge fan of loose little strings.

Notice my helper in this picture? 🙂

A start on a rainbow

I was planning on making this quilt for myself, but I think that someone else wants it!

A start on a rainbow

I’m trying to use only actual scraps that I have for this quilt top, rather than “creating” scraps from my stash. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that for every shade of every color. But let me tell you, my green scrap box does not even look like it has been touched three blocks later! That’s partly why I started with the greens!

A start on a rainbow

I have such a mix of scraps at this point that I couldn’t even tell you where many of them came from…many bees, swaps, giveaways, scrap purchases, and projects later, my scrap bins are overflowing! And I’m trying to pull out some of those “coveted scraps” and give them a happy home!

A start on a rainbow

This light green block might be my favorite of the three, but really I love them all!

A start on a rainbow

It’s been really nice to work on something for no other reason than because I want to. I’m not making it for anyone (well maybe the girlie) and I don’t have a time limit or deadline. I’m not running it, designing it, selling it, or publishing it. I’m just enjoying it.

A start on a rainbow

I’m making the scraps bigger than some people because I really like a less cluttered look and it means less chances of stray threads. I’m too OCD for stray threads! lol. I like a nice mix of large blocks and the very occasional tiny scrap. The back looks really cool too with the batting…

A start on a rainbow

I’m happy to use the Quilt as You Go method with this style quilt because it helped me with the lack of stabilizing that often happens with these ticker tape quilts. I’m just not laid back enough to make something that deliberately frays and doesn’t have the proper stabilization for the amount of stitching that is needed. So when Rachel decided that we would do the Quilt as You Go method I was thrilled. 😉

Oh yes, and this really is a leisurely quilt along. I got ahead. I didn’t really mean to, but it just made more sense with my scraps and my brain to do all the blocks of a certain color at one time. So three down, and many more fun colors to come. I haven’t decided which to do next though. Maybe the blues? I have tons of scraps in those colors as well. 😉

A start on a rainbow

21 thoughts on “A start on a rainbow!”

  1. She is too cute to not give her exactly what she wants! 🙂

    I don't like loose threads either. Drive me crazy and I'm always amazed at how many there seem to be.

  2. So, how do you really feel about stray threads? ha! I love the look of the zigzagged edges on your scrap squares, actually. You're off to a fabulous start – this'll be an awesome quilt!

  3. Yay! So cute. I need to get started on this quilt-along too. I just got my solids in the mail, so I should be ready to go soon! I'm definitely inspired by your progress.

  4. I love this! I usually use zig zag and I know how difficult it can be, but I think you did a beautiful job. Now, I'm itching to do a ticker tape quilt!

  5. I still haven't started on this, although I sincerely plan to (even blogging about it on Wednesday in hopes of accountability, but that's another issue…)

    Anyhoo, I was going to say that my favorite block was the one with the green FMF seeds, but then I saw the lighter one with the owls, and they always make me super happy. All of them look fun and fabulous!

    And really, how DO you feel about stray threads?

  6. I love this. I would really love to learn how to put this together. I am new to quilting so I don't understand the stitching used for this. But I love it

  7. Really pretty blocks! I originally heard about the bottled rainbows quilt and didn't realize until just now seeing your squares that these are ticker tape… whoohooo! I am itching now to join and give this a go. I like how the solid colors give a little order to the chaos. It's a great way to frame scraps you love! Thanks for sharing and the little nudge to jump on and quilt along!

  8. Love those! I think its nice that you can work on something just because. I feel like I am always doing something for someone else and have some kind of deadline or requirement to meet. Two of my bees are done and I only have two more….then of the two swaps I am in, both ending soon, I may only enter one at a time. I think more than that is really too much for me. I dont feel like doing anything else because I am always doing something I HAVE to do and I dont like it.

  9. these look so good! I like how you keep the distance between the scraps constant, it gives the impression that you have white sashing in between which I like a lot. Sigh, wish I had a scrap stash like yours! I actually am in the middle of cutting up yardage to generate 'scraps' for my DQS10 quilt 😀

  10. Beginning Quilting

    This is a very cute quilt! You did an amazing job in creating job. I love that it's green and you used cute fabrics! No wonder why your baby loved it so much! Keep up the good work! 🙂

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