There’s a lot of color going on around here!

Well, I did manage to get a little bit of sewing done…but I’ve also been pulling fabrics from my stash for all of these quilt alongs.

First up, I am doing Rachel’s Bottled Rainbows Quilt along (link in my sidebar).  This is a ticker tape quilt as you go rainbow block quilt.  How’s that for a mouthful?  Rachel promised us an easy-going pace for those of us who are already over-committed but cannot resist the draw of using our pretty scraps!  I have a bunch of scraps, so I’m going to see how much of this quilt I can do completely from my scraps.

There's a lot of color going on around here

Rachel chose specific colors for her solids and I’m using that as a guideline for my own selections.  Since I am going to be using all fabrics I already own, my colors may be slightly different versions on the same theme.  One that I do need to get is Cerise…but that’s because I love that color and have used up all the yardage that I have…so it’s almost like pulling from scraps. 😉    I’m not sold yet on every fabric color that I have chosen, but I have plenty of time to reevaluate.

We are supposed to do one block a week…I’m not going to pull the scraps for the blocks until I am working on that particular color.  So I think I’ll play it safe and start with one of the colors I have a LOT of scraps in…like the blues…or the greens!

Next, don’t think that I have forgotten about doing a quilt along here.  But between Rachel’s and Lynne’s (which I’ll talk about on another day!), finalizing my own has been tricky.  lol.  I did design the whole thing quite a while ago, but me being me, I’ve reevaluated the quilt.  I think I was making it just a little too intricate, so I simplified it just a little.  I need to do some trial runs before I reveal it all, but I think you’ll like it! 😉

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at the fabrics that I think I will be using for it.  I’m pulling from my stash again. Remember, if you hate rainbows, this pattern can be done in any combination of fabrics!

There's a lot of color going on around here

I’m also involved in a little something called Project Special Delivery.

Now if you know what this project is about, remember, you’re not supposed to say much. 😉 And if you don’t know about it…well…all will be revealed at a later date. I don’t mean to be all mysterious and exclusive. Really. I just made one simple improv block with a green theme.

There's a lot of color going on around here

Really, I was almost more excited to get out and photograph something on my blooming wisteria.

There's a lot of color going on around here

There's a lot of color going on around here

Of course, the wisteria happens to be in the mushiest part of our backyard right now…so this is the real story of what it took to get these pictures.

There's a lot of color going on around here

And what you don’t see is all the bumblebees that were buzzing around me trying to get at the wisteria nectar. lol. This is why sometimes we just take photos indoors.

There's a lot of color going on around here

But that’s not as fun as trekking through the mud! 😉

16 thoughts on “There’s a lot of color going on around here!”

  1. everything looks lovely!!
    and mostly i wanted to comment because i am so jealous of the greenery & toes in mud photos!!!! its still snow & ice covered here – though rain today helped to melt a bit.. can't wait for spring!!

  2. I love the green block! I am in a bee, and my month is next month. I have so many scraps, and I was thinking of sending each girl a bag of scraps, each girl getting a different color, and asking them to make something similar! I really like the way the block looks, and I love those greens!

  3. I had not heard about Rachel's QAL but Lynne is trying to get me to join her in hers! Overcommitted is the word of the day, eh? I am the one you are sending your improv block to!! It sure is an exciting adventure! Can't wait to see what your QAL is.

  4. I love your block! 🙂 And really digging your wisteria. I just planted some in the fall….eventually to grow over our arbor on our deck.

  5. Oh, the wisteria is lovely! I miss the wisteria at our old house so much. We made the mistake of letting it root too close to the house here and are trying to kill it off before it rips the siding and gutters of the house. Hopefully we can replant away from the house. I loved how it drapes, the color, and the way my sweet beagle would nap under it.

    (The block is beautiful too!)

  6. Oh, your wisteria is so lovely! It blooms wild here in SC. I can't wait when that time comes! I have a good guess at the project special delivery, but I don't really know… I think it's an awfully nice idea! Oh, and of course, excited about seeing your bottled rainbows AND your quilt along. I about died at the "if you hate rainbows" line. OMG, say it can't be so!!!!

  7. Great block and the Wisteria – WOW! It will be a long time before we see any flowers blooming around here.
    Just wanted to let you know that the Origins Charm Pack arrived today. Thanks so much!!

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