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Serger Joy!

Serger Joy!

You may remember that a while back I was complaining about not owning a serger.  I started sewing as a child with clothing and I’ve wanted a serger ever since!  It only took about 25 years, but I did finally get a serger. I knew I wanted something basic, fairly friendly to use and inexpensive.

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Polar bear pajamas

Polar Bears and Little Girls

I was oh so lucky a few weeks ago to receive a message from fabric designer Laurie Wisbrun (of Tufted Tweets fame!) asking me if I would like a chance to work with her newest line Brrr! Twist my arm….I GUESS I could do something. 😉 Uhm. Yeah. I jumped at the chance. It was

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Pajamas at Play

One of the things that I really wanted to finish for Caitlyn for her birthday and then for Christmas was a pair of pajamas. I gave up the dream when I realized that it wouldn’t really matter when I finished them and I needed the sleep more. But like all of my projects, I am

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Life is Hopping!

A better title perhaps for Easter than right before Christmas…but life really is hopping. Just this evening I took 300 photos off of my camera that I took in the last 2 days. And I wasn’t going camera crazy. There have been just that many things to photograph. And I’m restraining myself from showing you

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