Fabric Diet Check In – Week 5

Well, you can tell how out of it I have been lately. I didn’t even realize it was Friday and time to check in on that fabric diet. lol. Doh!

Oh well…better late than never.

You know the drill…how’d you do? what did you resist? what did you buy that we can all drool over? what did you REALLY want to buy? how many swaps are you doing?

You have NO idea how much willpower I had this week…and that’s counting that purchase of the Bella solid for $2.50 a yard. I mean I may be on a diet, but I’m not stupid. 😉

Bring it on!

56 thoughts on “Fabric Diet Check In – Week 5”

  1. I did really well again this week. I even got a quilt finished that I started before Christmas and hadn't touched for months. Half way through the week I was feeling quite smug thinking this is easy…Then yesterday a couple of UK suppliers had updates about new ranges of fabrics they have in…One of them has Hideaway in all colours and it looks so yummy and full of potential and they're doing colour co-ordinated bundles…Another has swoon in this gorgeous turquoise, blue, brown, green combo and I'm seeing so much potential… I am finding it hard to resist! Especially that Hideaway – I mean what if other people buy it all up in the next three weeks and I can't grab myself some of the range?

    Swaps I'm in 2 and signed up for another.

  2. This was another strong week. I'm still sewing, using up my stash on bags I've been meaning to make. I received an email telling me the new Beach Mod Circa 60 fabric was in stock. It's so cute. I almost talked myself into a purchase…almost. One more successful week!

  3. I caved this week and only feel a little guilty – huge destash on a blog (not telling which because you'll be tempted) and I bought some FQs and yardage… my stash will thank me though… okay I feel a little guilty now!

  4. i binged this week. got a lot of random staple fabrics for 30% off at hobby lobby, some kaffe fassett at auntbeafabrics' clearance sale, and some other random goodies at houston's fabric megastore, 'high fashion fabrics'.

  5. I fell of the wagon this week. But it was for a good cause, my local PWS was flooded during the Queensland floods and subsequently had an inundation sale so yesterday I bought up big. Got Kaffe for a third the normal price! All up I bought about 10 meters of fabric. Next week will be back to normal, I promise 😉

  6. I wish I could stay on a food diet as well as I'm staying on this one! No fabric for me this week, plus I've used lots of stuff out of the stash to finish off some quilts!

  7. I did good this week. I resisted some Amy Butler daisy chain at my local quilt store… but that might not last long because it will be 50% off on Sunday :/ Ah how I love daisy chain. But hey if Im going to fall off the wagon is that Bella on sale still?

  8. yep, i was good once again! still lots more swaps coming in, and i won 2 giveaways!! yay! one package arrived and i'm still waiting for the second =D

  9. well I made it through this week, after going off the rails last week. Unfortunately, next week is going to be a bad one – I can feel it brewing now!
    I did receive some giveaway fabric in the mail today so that was wonderful!

  10. Well, I am benefiting from the IDEA of the fabric diet. What I have found is that I am making more conscious choices about fabric–only buying what I need for a project I am currently working on. So, it's everything in moderation, and that works for me 🙂

  11. yay! I made it this week!

    actually it has been a rough week with my 15 month old not wanting to nap- so I didnt get much of anything done let alone quilting.

    I'm waiting for my Traveling Stash Giveaway to arrive! then I can go though it and do my first giveaway!

  12. NO fabric yet for me. But I will have to break down in the next few weeks for some backing fabric. So if I am going to binge that day, I might as well binge……probably not. Just wishful thinking.

  13. I am still on my diet, at least the fabric one that is. Boy did I have a close call though. I actually started filling an online shopping cart then stopped. I gotta tell ya, when I go off this diet, it's gonna be in a big way. This has really given me a chance to really think about what my stash is missing. Nice solids for settings.

  14. I caved in this week and bought some Sunkissed (plus a couple of other little bits!) but I did have a 20% discount that needed to be used so at least it was cheaper! I think I'll be ok for the rest of the diet though, is it really only three more weeks? Glad you're starting to feel a bit better.

  15. i've been still a good girl…it helps a lot that i've photographed some of my last year's aquisitions for future friday fabric foci…makes me realize how much fabric i have (and the way smaller number of finished projects in comparison).
    i tried to make a list of the fabric i want to buy when the challenge is over, but i feel quite overwhelmed lately with choosing from all those fabrics so i cancelled my list and just "enjoy" the diet…*lol* i've never thought that i would say anything like that!
    have a wonderful weekend,

  16. This week has been good but only because I have had no time to even look/drool over thing on the computer. BUT tomorrow my LQS is having a Super Bowl Sale and I'll be there. I have a short list, but won't be necessarily held to that list.

  17. Well, as I predicted, the halo slipped this week, BUT (and this is a big thing for me) I only bought fabric that I needed for the three swaps I'm in at the moment … My partners all like very different fabrics to me, and I needed something for boys, so … 5 FQs later … I'm actually feeling very pleased with myself …

  18. Overall, had a really good week. I went through my scraps and cut a bunch of them down to appropriate sizes for several quilts I'm planning down the road (Strips and Bricks, Scrappy Frames, and some Buzzsaw stars). I still have a ton of scraps to work through, but it was a great start. I also pulled from stash for the bulk of the fabric for a swap and the rings for my Single Girl quilt-along quilt.

    Ok, ok. I DID hit up a friend's Etsy shop for the background solid for the Single Girl quilt. And I also added a yard of cotton/linen blend for the rest of my swap project. *grimace* OK, OK, I also snuck a couple extra yards in there. I have a Kei Honeycomb dot addiction, I admit it!

    Pictures forthcoming in my Sunday Stash post tomorrow!

  19. I didn't buy anything! Granted I put together a nice shopping cart of fabric I want, but didn't buy it. Sometimes all I need to do is some window shopping and see how much I would have spent. 🙂

  20. I cheated on my diet. At a few different places actually. But in my defense it was my birthday this last week and I really wanted to buy some fabric. I got a lot of great stuff. Some is still arriving in the mail.

  21. I survived this week! I'm just realizing that swapping is so fun…I love how something I bought in excess or have left overs off (coz you should always buy more than you need, right? what if the rotary cutter makes a slip?!)can be converted into something I think I desperately need! Am lovin' in!