super mario brothers quilt

Mario quilt 3,888 pieces


In case you’re wondering, that’s the number of 1.5″ square blocks that are in my Mario quilt.  Yes…almost 4,000 teeny little blocks sewn together along with sashing and borders and backing and general craziness. There were some hellish moments along the way but in end, I think you’ll all agree, it was worth it.  Honestly

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Monday Moment

Monday Moment

This Monday  after a busy weekend, I’m grateful to have finished one more Mario block.  My star block is done! Turtle Shell block is well on his way too.  I have goals people…goals!

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Every day sewing

Every day sewing

Not all things I make are photo shoot worthy, but I’m still trying to capture a bit of those for you. Yesterday I got some awesome new Echino fabrics (and some Nursery Versery fell in my cart too!)  in the mail that I ordered from Japan.  I love happy mail days! And feeling completely cool

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