Travel Handmade

If I haven’t mentioned it, I’m going to be headed to the Sewing Summit later this week. And I’ve been a little anxious about both traveling by myself to Utah and being there and all that I need to get done before that. But I’ve officially crossed one item off of my list. The name tag.

Travel Handmade

As you can see, I have attempted embroidery again. I’m happier with this attempt (which isn’t too surprising because this is definitely a craft which is easier with more practice). I did buy myself a little laminated foldout of basic embroidery stitches which I constantly referred to as I worked on this. I only used a backstitch and a basic filler stitch. One thing at a time. 😉 I also realized that I don’t need to make everything harder for myself and found the beauty of iron-on embroidery patterns. Genius! lol.

Travel Handmade

The needle and thread are from an iron-on pattern that I was able to follow, but I did still freehand the letters. You might notice that I even helped myself out with that a bit by using the fabric I did….basically practicing handwriting.

I also did a little raw edge applique for the “pieces” part of the name tag. The way the layout turned out sort of prompted the round size of the name tag. And yes, I realize that it looks sort of like an Olympic medal. Especially with the lanyard I made. 😉 I made it to hang around my neck with a clasp. And I used a plastic cross stitch round piece as a stabilizer for the whole thing.

Travel Handmade

So I’m all set to wear my name tag with “pride” when I get to Utah…even if my husband laughed at it. Although he also called my hexagon pillow a “dysfunctional honeycomb”, so I try to take his opinion with a grain of salt. Teehee!

Travel Handmade

And I bet you think that I’ve forgotten all about my zig-zag quilt along but I have not! I have the top complete and the back complete. I hoped to get it all basted and quilted before I leave for Utah, but I need to be realistic. It may happen and it may not. But it WILL be pretty!

Travel Handmade

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  1. I love your name tag! You get the gold medal : ) but I love the clasp so smart! Just enjoy being on the plane and not having to change a diaper or pick cheerios off the floor : )

  2. What a fantastic name tag. It sure beats the cardstock in plastic sleeve that I will wear at my next conference. Here's to safe travels and sane days before you leave. (I hope you make your quilt deadline but if you don't, I hope you are ok with that too.)

  3. I LOVE your label. Embroidery definitely gets better with practice. You can make your own transfer patterns too with a soft pencil and some baking parchment/greased proof paper if you haven't got tracing paper.

  4. It's a gold medal in nametag embroidering, awarded to Angela!!! Applause all around! It's super fun. I hope you have the best weekend with your NOLA peeps and everyone else.

  5. Very cute, and you'll certainly not have an identity crisis with that on ;o)

    Don't panic about the travelling, I do it all the time all by myself – if you're flying, remember to check in as early as possible (preferably online), so that you have the maximum amount of time to get through security. Don't shop before security, there are always more shops through the other side, and remember to have your plastic baggy of liquids etc ready, your coat off, and laptop out of your bag before you get to the front of the line – be prepared to take your shoes off, so wear easy to remove ones to speed things up. Security often takes a LONG time, and gets exponentially worse the less time you have (one of those Murphy's law things). Once through, check out where your gate is, do a little shopping if you need/if there's time (drinks and food are cheaper here than on the flight, although still usually jacked up above normal high street prices), then get yourself to the gate. If it's a pre-seated flight, sit/stand wherever you like in the queue, if it's first come first served, plop yourself nicely near the door of the gate – whilst it may not matter where you actually sit, the more people that get on ahead of you, the less overhead luggage space there is in the lockers! Turn off your phone now. Grab anything you want on the flight itself (drink, book. glasses etc) out of your bag at this point, then you can get stuff stowed away and sit down out of the stampede more quickly when you get on the plane – be aware though phones/iPods/Kindles etc have to be switched off for takeoff (although I've had differeing points of view on the Kindle, so I try and wing it as long as I can with that ;o) ) If you have checked in bags, stand near the front of the carousel to grab it quickly and allow a fast getaway (which usually means your case comes out last… ;o) ) Having said all that, if you're driving, just remember to stop every couple of hours for a rest, and you'll be set!

  6. Ooooh, I love your strap! I was wondering what I was going to do about mine…I might just have to steal your idea (but I'll give you all the credit!).

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