Flower Power

I still have a couple of bee blocks to finish for this month(!) and I’d love to get that all done before we move at the end of the week.  I’m not sure what life will be like for a bit and I’m not sure when I’ll have internet access!  Agh!  Hopefully, we’ll have that […]

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I’m still here!

Agh!  I tried to post at least twice last week and blogger was down every time.  Crazy!  And then I left for the weekend to go on our lovely NOLA modern quilt guild sewing retreat weekend.  And on Thursday and all day today, I was at the sewing machine store renting time on the long

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Sunday Musings

So I’ve accomplished a bit of sewing, although it has mainly been cleaning and tidying. Those are necessities because I think I was avoiding my sewing room because I would get overwhelmed when I walked in there. So many projects going at one time! But now that the doll quilt is done and sent and

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To do… to do… to do…

Oh do I have a to do list! I’m getting to the point where I need to write it down so that I can prioritize what I am working on. Let’s see…there’s the zig zag quilt mock up to make and then start on an actual quilt. There’s the doll quilt that MUST be worked

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Did it always take this long?

I don’t know…I must be spending all of my time organizing…because when I actually sit down to make a bee block I’m finding that I’m surprised at how long it takes! I think I’ve lost my perspective on all of this. lol I made what really looks like a very simple block for the VIBees

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Just a little sewing!

A couple of nights ago I wanted to sew but I sat down in my sewing room and all I could do was stare.  So I figured that I could at least fold fabric.  So I did that for a couple of hours.  I’ve officially used up my 200 boards and need to get more…I

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Bee Blocks!

It occurs to me that I have not shared my most recent bee blocks with you all. Don’t you feel deprived? Of course, you do! So in no particular order…here’s some of the little sewing that I’ve managed to do lately. For Pretty in Pink, Karie wanted pinwheels. She was very specific about her requests

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Dabbling in Design

Dabbling in Design

So I don’t know that I’ve been getting a lot of quilting done lately, but I’ve certainly been playing on the computer designing logos for a few different groups lately. It’s all design work, so I never feel like it takes away from what I would like to be doing. It’s just working in a

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