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Cracker Scraps

Cracker Scraps Backing

Are you all tired of this quilt yet? I feel like I’ve been working on it forever…between designing it, cutting up fabrics for a bee, getting back blocks from two different bees, sewing the top together, wanting to make it a king size, changing my mind and keeping it a queen size…. What? I’m keeping […]

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Cracker Scraps

Here is the newest block that I have been working on. I’m naming it Cracker Scraps as it a variation on a quilt commonly known as Crackers or something like that…I’m using scraps and it all kind of sounds like Cracker Jacks. Yep. That’s how my brain works. Aren’t you all lucky to know that.

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Blocks for Bees

Hey all, I’ve been going through my other scraps and I’m just waiting on the post office to send me some flat-rate padded envelopes.  Then I will contact those of you who contacted me with interest in the scraps.  At this point, I think that all the scraps will be accounted for, but I’ll open

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Bottling up a Rainbow

So once again, the lure of the Bottled Rainbow quilt designed by Rachel was too hard for me to resist.  I needed a cheerful quilting project and this one never fails to make me happy.  Plus I really just want to finish it!  Remember that crazy goal I have to get myself down to two projects

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Signing off from New Orleans

Well, I think that this will be my last post from Louisiana!  The sewing machine is officially packed up and my chair was just loaded onto the moving truck seconds ago! lol.  Kaelin and Karen came over last night with their machines and we had one last group sew together.  It was complete with chick-fil-a,

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Flying to the end

Well, I’ve had an interesting couple of days.  I went out to get the white thread that I needed in order to do any more sewing.  I happily found it on sale and everything.  Made my purchase and was coming out of the store carrying my package and my daughter when I ran into a

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I found myself in a bit of a quandary when Penny told us what she wanted us to make for her month of Busy Bees. To quote her: “The theme for April is crazy, busy, scrappy! ” Uhmmm…yeah. If you know my work, you know that I tend to be neither crazy (we’re talking sewing

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A start on a rainbow!

I really feel like I should save this post for a couple of days from now on Saint Patrick’s Day because I’m about to inundate you all with a lot of green. LOL. But sometimes it is hard for me to move on to the next project until I blog about the previous one. So

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Let’s put it into context

So being on a fabric diet is hard… we all know. I know that not everyone is participating and that is TOTALLY fine. Ultimately I think we all just want to be wise purchasers. For some, that means buying as much as we can of our favorite line because we’ll use it forever. For others,

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